Definition of Experimental Research

 Definition of Experimental Research

Experimental research is a powerful research method to establish cause and effect relationship. Ary et al (2007: 338) states “Experimental research design is a scientific investigation in which the researcher manipulates one or more independent variables, controls any other relevant variables, and observes the effect of a manipulation on the dependent variables(s)”.  It means that the experimental research design is a research design in which the researcher manipulates the experimental group.

The experimental research design is classified into pre-experimental design, true experimental, and quasi-experimental. Pre-experimental research does not have random assignment of subjects to groups or other strategies to control extraneous variables. True-experimental research uses randomization and provides maximum control of extraneous variables. Whether quasi-experimental research lack randomization but employ other strategies to provide some control over extraneous variables (Ary et al, 2002: 302).


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