Concept of Descriptive Text

Concept of Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text is a kind of text with a purpose to give information. The context of this kind of text is the description of particular thing, animal, person, or others, for instance: our pets or a person we know well. It differs from Report which describes things, animals, persons, or others in general. The Social Function of Descriptive Text is to describe a particular person, place, or thing.

1.      Generic Structure

The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text consists of Identification and Description.

Identification: Identifies phenomenon to be  described.

Description: Describes parts, qualities, characteristics,  etc.

2.      Language Features

Descriptive often uses 'be' and 'have'. Tense which is often used is Simple Present Tense. However, some times it uses Past tense if the thing to be described doesn't exist anymore. Significant Grammatical Features:

a.       Focus on specific participants 

b.      Use of Simple Present Tense 

c.       Use of Simple Past Tense if Extinct.

d.      Verbs of being and having 'Relational Processes'. 

                        (My mum is really cool, She has long black hair)

e.       Use of descriptive adjectives 

                        (strong legs, white fangs)

f.        Use of detailed Noun Phrase to give information about the subject.

                        (a very beautiful  scenery, a sweet young lady, very thick fur)

g.      Use of action verbs 'Material Processes'  

                        (It eats grass, It runs fast)

h.      Use of adverbials to give additional information about behaviour

                        (fast, at tree house)

i.        Use of Figurative language 

                        (John is as white as chalk.) 


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