The Advantages of List Group Lable (LGL) Strategy

The Advantages of List Group Lable (LGL) Strategy

List group label is a form of semantic mapping. The strategy encourages students to improve their vocabulary and categorization skills and learn to organize concepts. Categorizing listed words, through grouping and labeling, helps students organize new concepts in relation to previously learned concepts.

The List, Group, Label ask the students to list all the words that they can that relate to the topic at hand.  Next they share their list with a partner and together they put the words into groups and finally give the groups they make a title.  This encourages students to integrate their prior knowledge as well as discuss word meanings[1]. The advantages of List, Group, Label as follows

1.      It helps students organize their understanding of specific vocabulary and concepts.

2.      It builds on students' prior knowledge about a topic.

3.      It actively engages students in learning new vocabulary and content by activating their critical thinking skills.

4.      It teaches categorizing and labeling skills.

[1] Aune (2012) Improving Vocabulary Instruction To Increase Student Comprehension And Science Literacy. Montana State University. Bozeman, Montana. Page 11


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