Definition of Lyric


Definition of Lyric

Lyric can be studied from an academic perspective. Lyric can also be analyzed with respect to sense of unity it has with its supporting music. Lyric is simple word of song. The lyric or song texts do not only as a complement of the song, but also as an important part of the music elements which determine the theme, character and mission of the song. It can also make sense be stable. To know the sense of the song, we can feel the rhythm and melody, harmony and voice of the singer by the singing of the song.

A music composition is not always a sequence of melody with a lyric. The composition without a lyric on its melody called an instrumental music. On the contrary, the one with lyric is called a song.

From the explanation about lyric above, so the meaning of missing lyric is the lyric, but some or any word of the lyric itself is disappear. So the student should listen carefully what the speaker say to fill the gap. The lyric in a song is actually non musical aspect.

However,besides giving new unique dimension, its presence in music is not only as an embedded element but also as a part of the music. Many songs are created from text or beautiful poem. Basically a lyric of song is the same as lyric of a poem. The difference is that a lyric of a song is written and combined with music. We usually meet a poem as word on page and a song generally hear as sounds in the air. However we can say that a song lyric are same. A song lyric describes and show felling,experience, imagination and etc and a poem lyric does too.


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