The Advantages of Brainstorming

The Advantages of Brainstorming

The summary of advantages of the Brainstorming according to Al-shammari (2015: 61) as follows:

a.       Brainstorming helps students to identify and come up with real questions to include in learning projects

b.      Students are able to come up  with ideas regarding how to solve particular problems; and therefore,  can  come  up  with  questions  relating  to  how  the  problem  comes  about  and  the  best  way  to  tackle  it

c.       The students are autonomous in developing ideas, no matter how obnoxious they may seem; therefore, they feel free

d.      The students can increase the opportunity to learn from their mistakes  and  their  peers  while  still  reinforcing  basic  skills  of  brainstorming  and  social  studies 

e.       Brainstorming  incorporates  other  forms  of  study  such  as  critical  thinking  that  are  necessary  for  the  thought Critical thinking helps students understand the problem and come up with its most suitable solution.

f.       Brainstorming helps with team building, as it is appropriately suited for group projects. 

g.      Brainstorming is not only helpful in teaching social studies to elementary school students. It can also be used in other areas. For instance, it can be used in corporations to come up with brand names, or in high schools for projects that require one to think extensively. As students grow, so does their level of questioning and research skills 

h.      Brainstorming  acknowledges  students  funds  of  knowledge.  Opening  up  the  thought  process provides opportunities for everyone including minorities and disadvantaged students since no criticism is involved in brainstorming.


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