Concept of Directive

Concept of Directive

Based on Flor (2005: 168) directives are attempts to make the world match the words, directives also implies that the speaker's attitude and intention when performing an utterance must be taken as a reason for the hearer's action. Moreover, one relevant feature affecting directives in opposition to other speech acts, such as representatives or commissive, refers to the necessary interaction between the speaker and the hearer in order to get the speech act performed

According to Kristani (2013: 952) Directive is a kind of speech act that the speaker’s intention to make someone else to do something which means makes the world fit words. In other words, speaker wants the situation.The directive utterances consist of asking, inviting, ordering, begging,  requesting, suggesting, recommending, demanding, permitting, etc. This directive utterance explains the forbidding utterance for example: Don’t take that way.

Kaburise (2005: 130) Directives: These speech acts are intended to  get the listener to carry out an action. These include commands, requests, invitations, dares, challenges and so on, as in 

1.      Please join us for dinner on Friday.

2.      Do not barge into my room.

3.      May I borrow your trailer to transport the tiles I bought from CTM?

4.      I dare you to go into the field where the bull is.

In addition Pedersen (2002: 9) Directives are for example commands, requests, etc. Directives are attempts to get the listener to do something, and express the speakers wish, desire or intention that hearer perform some action. The type of directives are :

1.      Requestives: ask, beg, insist, invite, request, tell, etc.

2.      Questions: ask, inquire, query, etc.

3.      Requirements: bid, charge, command, demand, direct, order, prescribe, require, etc.

4.      Prohibitives: forbid, prohibit, restrict, etc.

5.      Permissives: allow, authorize, dismiss, forgive, release, etc.

6.      Advisories: advise, propose, recommend, suggest, urge, etc.


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