The chapter presents seven topics related to the study. Those are background of the study, formulation of research problem, objective of the research, scope and limitation of the study, formulation of hypothesis, significance of the study and definition of key terms.

A. Background of the Study

Learning a language is not something new for people who have been interested in it since a long time ago.Language is an instrument to address and understand idea, reason, feeling, either in orally or written. Dealing with human resources development, language is a unique attribute which enables us to learn and think creatively. In this case, English is an international language that is used by almost all people in many aspect of life, such as in science, knowledge, education, technology and communication. The functions of learning English in the school are; first, bystudying English students are expected to have a means to develop theirknowledge of science, technology and culture. The second is students areexpected to be able to support the development of tourism.

English is a language that is used around the world. It has been a global language, as what Crystal (2003:3) states that a language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country. Almost all of the countries in the world use English as the second or become foreign language. English is also classified as an international language and used in many aspect of life. According to Sharifian (2009:1) for better or worse, by choice or force, English has ‘traveled’ to many parts of the world and has been used to serve various purposes. The purposes include in scope of education, science development, technology, culture, relationship development and even

English is a top requirement to seek jobs. Therefore, mastering English is considered very important, especially to spread and access knowledge and information. In education context, people learn English for understanding literature, communication, getting job, etc. Automatically, mastering English needed. English teaching learning is expected to be able to develop student’s competence in international communication and to get knowledge and global information. English also gives impact in Indonesian’s education. In Indonesia, English is taught as a foreign language in almost all levels of school, both as local current subjects for elementary school students and as compulsory subject for junior and senior high school students. It shows that learning English is important.

Nowadays, English is needed for everyone especially students because information, scientific books and other references are written in English. As an international language, English competence becomes a necessity in that it will be the basic for the higher level and prepare students to face the globalization era. It is expected that by mastering English students can grow and develop to become clever, able and have good personality.

English has four skills. They are listening, reading, writing and speaking. All of them very important. Listening is the first skill that must be master. Listening skill is one of the basic learning language and acquiring it is very important in language learning. Listening skills is an activity that we listens the sound by our ears.

Listening is an interaction between speaker and listener. Listening is skill that is difficult to be master, because it needs more attention and concentration to comprehend the sound. WakhidNashruddin mentions that Listening is difficult skill in second language learning. The difficulty is caused by many factors varying from the difference of sound between the second language learners first language and the second language he or she is learning, his or her lack of vocabulary, his or her grammatical unawareness, to pragmatic differences between the two languages (2013:3).

We should use varieties strategies in teaching listening. One of the strategies that can be used by teacher is using media to support the teaching learning process. There are some teaching media available now, so here the researcher uses song especially missing lyrics to improve students’ listening ability.Using English song in teaching and learning of English has become popular, since song can give many benefits due to several reasons. Song is powerful stimulus for students’ engagement precisely because it speaks directly to our emotions while still allowing to us to use our brains to analyze it.To make students motivate and enjoyable to study listening, the teacher should be creatively in delivering material.

Listening using English songs, is more interesting from student’s activities. As we know that song is always follow us everywhere and almost of students like sing a song included English song. English songs are a great language package that bundles culture, vocabulary, listening and grammar. Songs can also provide a relaxed lesson on a boring day. By becoming a better listener, the students will improve their productivity, as well as their ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. What’s more, they will avoid conflict and misunderstanding.

The researcher chooses listening as the object of research because the researcher itself is very poor in listening skill and listening is not easy because take so much time. Wakhid Nashruddin said that “Listening tested in many language proficiency tests, such as in TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, and also National Final Examination (UNAS), and usually comes at the beginning of the test” (2013:3).

Based on the statement above,there are many reasons why the writer chooses listening skill in this study. The listening skill is essential to improve the language.Learning listening has been mastered by the students in order to be able to communicate in English most students in Junior High School still have difficulties in listening skill,so that they cannot convey their ideas from what they listen clearly because of their limited skill of listening. Songs can be wonderful media for natural language, and in this case the researcher using missing lyric technique. Songs will make the students relax and fun. By using songs, learning English listening will be interesting and enjoyable. The writer makes a study entitled “The Effectiveness of using missing lyric in teaching listening ability of the tenth grade students at SMA”.

B. Formulation of Research Problem

The main problems occur in this study a follow:

1.      How are students listening ability before being treated by using English songs?

2.      How are students listening ability after being treated by using English songs?

3.      Is using missing lyric effective in teaching listening ability of the tenth grade students?

C. Objective of the research

Based on the research questions above, the research proposes the objectives of the research as follow:

1.      To find out the listening ability of the tenth grade students of SMA before being taught by using missing lyric.

2.      To find out the listening ability of the tenth grade students of SMA after being taught by using missing lyric.

3.      To find outis teaching listening using missing lyric effective or not and to find out whether there is any significant difference ofthe listeningability of the tenth grade students of SMA before and after being taught by using missing lyric.

D. Scope and Limitation of the Study

The scope of the study will be focus on the senior high school by giving missing lyric technique and it will be concentrate in the effect of teaching by using missing lyric technique to build students listening ability. The researcher limits the study on the teaching English that concern on listening by using missing lyric technique at the tenth grade students of SMA.

E. Formulation of Hypothesis.

Based on the statement on the problems, there are two kinds of hypothesis. So the research was using Null Hypothesis (Ho) and Alternative Hypothesis (Ha).

1.       Null Hypothesis (Ho)

There is no significant difference in their listening achievement between the students taught using missing lyric and those taught using traditional technique of the tenth grade students at SMA in the academic years 2013/2014.

2.      Alternative Hypothesis (Ha)

There is significant difference in their listening achievement between the students taught using missing lyric and those taught by using traditional technique of the tenth grade students at SMA in the academic year 2013/2014.

F. Significance of the study

The study has some significance in three aspects. They are:

1.      For the students

The result of this research is expected to produce a good result in teaching and learning process especially for listening ability when it is well applied. Furthermore, it is expected to assist them to find meaningful strategy to solve their problem in listening skill.

2.      For the teacher

The research gives contribution in teaching learning process. By reviewing this study, teachers will have reference of the media that can be used in teaching listening. This result of the study can be used to improve their knowledge in the use of various techniques or strategy in teaching listening.

3.      For the Research

This research can give a concept of media can be used in teaching listening, especially in the term of using missing lyric. This result of the study will facilitate then as reference in conducting further study about teaching listening.

G. Definition of Key the Terms

From the research problems stated earlier, this study focused on the use of missing lyric in teaching listening in the tenth grade students of SMA. To avoid misinterpretation and to limit the unnecessary points, the writer would like to give explanation of the topic as follow:

Listening skill

Listening is one of the fundamental language skills, and crucial in the development of the second language competence. Listening skill is activity to identify and understand what others are saying.Listening skill can be meant as ability to pay attention or to hear something.


Song is a piece of music with words that is sung. Songs had heard by the people in the world since they are born until died.Songs can be used to show our emotions, it makes us happy, helps us ease the pain in the best way. Besides it, songs can be utilized in foreign language teaching for many purposes.


Lyrics are set of words that make up a song. Lyric can be studied from an academic perspective. Lyric can also be analyzed with respect to sense of unity it has with its supporting music. Lyric is simple word of song. The lyric or song texts do not only as a complement of the song, but also as an important part of the music elements which determine the theme, character and mission of the song


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