Definition of Writing

Definition of Writing

The writing  is a emphasis on the composed product rather than the composing process;  the analysis  of  discourse  into  words,  sentences,  and  paragraphs;  the  strong  concern  with  usage (syntax, spelling, punctuation) and with style (education, economy, clarity, emphasis); and so on[1]

Writing  is  means  of  communication  between  people.  It  should  follow  some conventions that are unique of all which relate letters to  words and words to   sentences which must be well organized to have a coherent whole called ”text”. This skill or means of communication is neither innate or natural , it must be done and practised a lot  to  be  learnt  and  make  use  of  it  and  its  rules;  therefore,  the  writer  does  not  write  for himself but he writes for his reader, for that the writer must clearly state his ideas to make himself understood[2].

Writing is a group of organized expressions that form a whole, and convey specific meanings. Writing defines as a process of thinking to invent ideas, exploring and arranging them into statements and paragraphs, rather than a mere production of graphic symbols, writing is then considered as a sort of communication between writers and readers. Thus, an ability to express and organize ideas, and a prior knowledge about the topic are required in any piece of writing.[3].

Based on Coulmas there are six meanings of ‘writing’ can be distinguished: (1) a system of recording language by means of visible or tactile marks; (2) the activity of putting such a system to use ; (3) the result of such activity, atext; (4) the particular form of such a result, a script style such as block letter writing; (5) artistic composition ; (6) a professional occupation, it is called the ‘product’ approach because its aim was to produce correct texts  and concentrates  on  the  appropriate  use  of vocabulary, syntax and cohesive devices.[4].

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