Script Text of Step Up 4 Revolution Movies

 Script Text of  Step Up 4 Revolution Movies


  • Ryan Guzman sebagai Sean, kekasih Emily dan tokoh deuteragonis
  • Kathryn McCormick sebagai Emily, seorang dancer berbakat dan pemeran utama. Ayahnya adalah tokoh antagonis dalam film tersebut.
  • Stephen "tWitch" Boss sebagai Jason
  • Chadd "Madd Chadd" Smith sebagai Vladd
  • Megan Boone sebagai Claire



SEAN= When you grow up in a city as big as Miami,

it's easy to feel small.

Past all those skyscrapers and palm trees

is my neighborhood,

just a few miles from South Beach,

but a world away.

And growing up in a place like this,

you learn pretty quick

that you have to speak louder than

everyone else if you want to be heard.

Because the truth is, everyone has a voice.

And there comes a time when you have

to shout, to fight for what you want.

For me and my friends, that time is now.


I'm telling you, there's a 50-50 chance

we're going to jail tonight.

SEAN= Maybe.

SEAN= You ready?

You're kidding, right?

Yo, guys. Check it out.

There we go.

How sick is that?

SEAN= Come on. We're gonna be late.

We're not paying you to do

whatever it is you're doing.

SEAN=- We'll be right there.

- You better be.

The new manager is out there

with a freaking white glove.

SEAN=What up, guys?

SEAN= Check it out.

Topping our local headlines,

Ocean Drive was transformed today

into what some are describing as art,

others a public disturbance.

One minute everything's normal.

The next, these cars and people

came out of nowhere...

I actually hope the police find them

and lock their...asses up.

It was one of the most amazing things

I've ever seen.

Whoever you guys are, we love you!

I love you, too.

- Yeah, how sick is that?

- Where are my waiters?

I've got a two-top that's been

waiting for 10 minutes.

Two-top? Yeah, that's mine.

Patrons do not wait at the Dimont.

SEAN= You must be the new manager. I'm Sean.

I'm your boss, not your homie.

Next time you leave customers

waiting like that, you're fired.

Don't worry about it, man.

I'm still your homie.

It's cool. You need to fire him for that shirt.

What do they want?

Love them or hate them,

the question on everyone's mind is,

who is The Mob?

I feel it tonight!

Let's get out of here.

Let's get some drinks, let's get some girls...

SEAN= Eddy, you see this sign?

What sign?

Yo, Miami, Club Euphoria!

Make some noise!

Look at these working stiffs.

What up, big man? What's going on?

Excuse me!

Excuse me! Can I get a drink, please?

SEAN=Hey. Can I get a beer?

Sure. Why not.

SEAN=You must be new here.

Sorry, what?

SEAN= I said, "You must be new here."

Sort of. Yeah.

SEAN= - Well, I work here, too

- Really?

SEAN= Unfortunately.

Come on. It can't be that bad.

SEAN= The pay sucks, there's no benefits,

and the clientele treats us like crap.

There's got to be something good

about this place, right?

SEAN= Well,

there is this really cute waiter.


Where is he?

You know what? It's on the house.

SEAN= Where are you going?

To dance.

SEAN= Wait, wait, wait, wait...

What are you doing?

SEAN= I'm escorting a lady to the dance floor.

You dance?

SEAN= Me? No. Don't you know how this works?

I hold a drink in my hand, you dance

around me and make me look good.

Okay. Got it.

Let's go make you look good.

So am I making you look good yet?

SEAN= - That's terrible. Is that all you do?

- No.

Okay. Your turn.

I promise I won't laugh. A lot.

Go, go! Go, go!

SEAN= Hey! Where you going?

Just like that, Cinderella was gone.

Hey! What's up, man?

SEAN= How you doing, Ricky?

Always good. There you go.

Hey, hey. Come on.

When was the last time

I charged you for a drink, huh?

Just promise me, though,

you have to dance with mi madre.

Jason scares her.

Look at that!


You look hot in that one!

- That is hot. Give me that, please.

- Let me see.

Yo. 20,000 hits in under five hours.

- Yeah, that's crazy.

- You think that's dope?

Mercury is already working on his artwork

for the next Mob.

SEAN= I still don't understand how you know

what he's saying when he never talks.

- It's Jedi mind power, son.

- That's right.

We connect on a much deeper level,

you know, I know this guy.

Mind to mind. Eye to eye.

Sean, we really need to start thinking

about this next thing now.

I agree.

We've got to build on our momentum

and generate more hits.

You and that contest.

When I was your age,

I didn't even have the YouTubes.

First of all, it's YouTube. All right?

- Whatever.

- Check it out, Ricky.

The first page with 10 million hits

gets a hundred grand.

Even if you win that money,

it's not going to last forever.

SEAN= It's about getting our stuff out there, Ricky.

Generating exposure.

You make a name for yourself.

That's when the real money comes.

- Exactly. First we get the money. Right?

- Yeah. Right.

- Then we get the power.

- That's right.

You know what comes next, don't you, Pen?

So when is the next one?

SEAN= Soon. Let's not sweat it tonight.

Because tonight we celebrate!

Yeah! To The Mob! To The Mob!

We turn our back and whip

our hair and just shake it off

I turn my back and whip

my hair and just shake it off

SEAN= - Okay, okay.

- Come on, Sean. Do it.

SEAN= Ten more minutes. Okay, sweet pea?

I turn my back and whip

my hair and just shake it off

SEAN= Fine. One verse.

I whip my hair back and forth

- I whip my hair back and forth

- I whip my hair back and forth

- I whip my hair back and forth...

- I whip my hair back and...

Just whip it

This is what I was afraid of.

Once I start feeling that rhythm, I can't stop.

SEAN= I got a new move for you, okay?

It's called the "ocean motion."

Here's the ocean, here comes the motion.

SEAN= You try. Okay? Ocean... Motion...

SEAN= Let's do it together.

Ocean... Motion...

Ocean motion...

I 90'E you!

Real estate development magnate

Bill Anderson is about to announce

a billion-dollar development project

somewhere in downtown Miami.

- Morning.

- I can make you some eggs.

SEAN= That's okay. I've got to go to work early

for some meeting.

So? You see it?

SEAN= Come on. It was the best one yet.

Mom, what's Sean talking about?

SEAN= Your uncle shut down Ocean Drive


Sarah, go brush your teeth.

We're gonna leave in five minutes.


Could you please stop that?

I don't want her thinking

that what you're doing is okay.

SEAN= What's wrong with it?

You were on the news again yesterday.

What's gonna happen

when you get arrested?

SEAN= I'm not gonna get busted.

Why are you acting like this?

Because this whole contest

is a long shot. At best.

Why don't you go back to school

and get a profession?

SEAN= Didn't you ever want to be a part

of something different?

My little brother,

the professional flash mobber.


I was talking to my friend, Jessica.

Take a look at this.

She works at this shipping company,

and they have this

management training program.

You have to start out at the bottom,

but if you catch on,

they even pay for your night school.

Please just think about it.

SEAN= I don't have to think about it.

SEAN= We are gonna win this thing.

When we do, people are gonna notice.

They'll have to.


Sarah, come on!

Well, let's hope so.

Because right now, you're getting

your butts kicked by a singing cat.

SEAN= I knew you watched it!

I came to Miami for one reason.

To turn the Dimont into the top destination

in South Beach.

And that's just the beginning.

In the coming months,

I plan to break ground

on a new hotel and residential complex.

And after that, continue building

the greatest hotels Miami has ever seen.

If you work hard for me,

I will be loyal to you.

Mr. Ryan, for example, started working for

me when he was still in business school.

And now he's general manager

of the Dimont.

Come on, damn it!

Young man.

The entire staff was asked

to be here 20 minutes ago.

I'm sorry. My alarm is all messed up.

I accept your apology,

but you no longer work here.

Wait... What?

Don't bother staying. In our profession,

punctuality is not an option.

I've worked here over a year!

Do we need security to escort you out?

There's a flip-side to my loyalty.

If you don't hold up your end of the deal,

I don't owe you anything.

Anderson customers expect excellence.

I expect nothing less from you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Anderson.

Okay, let's get to work.

How could you say that?

Because the whole thing goes against

every instinct I have as a parent.

I don't understand why.

Look at it from my perspective.

It's like I'm rewarding you

for dropping out of college.

I only went to college

because you wanted me to.

So this is all about

the Wynwood thing, right?

They're one of the best contemporary

dance companies in the world, Dad.

You know how I feel about this.

How many people make it as a dancer?

One out of 1,000? One out of 10,000?

- Yeah.

- It's one thing to dance when you're a kid,

and it's another thing

to try to make a career out of it.

Thanks for the support.

I'll have the eggs Benedict.

Fruit and yogurt?

Fruit and yogurt for the young lady.


Oh, my God! I am so sorry.

SEAN= It's all right. No problem.

Emily, most people would kill

for an opportunity

like the one

I am practically begging you to take.

You work hard, you could end up running

the whole company.

I just don't understand the attitude...

I'll grab you another orange juice.

Emily! I'm talking to you.

I heard you.

Let's agree to this.

Either you're a professional dancer

by the end of the summer,

or you come home to Cleveland

and work for me.

We used to see eye-to-eye on everything.

You remember?

Emily and Dad versus the world?

What happened?

We can still see eye-to-eye, Dad.

We can.

I just also wish that you could want for me

what I want for myself.

SEAN= Sorry.

What are you doing?

SEAN= I was just getting off of work.

I heard the music.

I'm Sean.

You're Emily, right?

We've met at the club.

I know.

You do?

SEAN= That's funny. It didn't seem like you did

SEAN= when your dad was around.

My dad doesn't need

to know my every move.

Sorry. I'm just upset.

SEAN= It was beautiful, by the way. Your dance.

Thank you. It's okay. Kind of boring.

SEAN= What are you talking about?

You're an incredible dancer.

Not good enough.

SEAN= For what?

An audition.

A routine I have to put together.

It's not like you're gonna

know the company.

SEAN= Try me.

It's called Wynwood.

Olivia Brownyn's company.

Yeah, they're amazing.

SEAN= You know Wynwood?

Well, I dance.

And there's this space-age technology

called the Internet now.

Right. Sorry.

Doesn't matter anyway,

because I'm probably not gonna make it.

SEAN= - Can I make a suggestion?

- Sure.

SEAN= Incorporate some of the moves

you did at the club.

SEAN= That girl was not boring.

I can't just do whatever I want.

There are rules.


SEAN= Break the rules.

SEAN= What are you doing Friday night?

- Why?

SEAN= - There's something I want to show you.

What is it?

SEAN= Just trust me.

Be at this address Friday night at 8:00.

Thank you, but I'd rather work through

this on my own.

SEAN= I get it.

SEAN= Daddy might not approve.

SEAN= And wear something nice.

What a day, huh?

Listen, bro,

SEAN= I want to talk to you about this morning.

I would have walked out with you, but...

You don't need to do that, man.

Then we'd both be out of a job.

SEAN= Listen, we'll do a few more Mobs,

get the hits,

we'll win that money, okay?


All right.

SEAN= I think I've got this next thing figured out.

Ready to go?

Thought you'd never ask.

SEAN= Let's hit up the garage.

Okay. Ocean Drive was great at scoring us

some serious hits on YouTube.

But this next Mob will be

a bit more complicated.

Okay. So, there are

two main entrances and exits,

and a back door that opens to the street.

SEAN= Let's have the van waiting right outside.

That's our escape route.

How are we gonna get dancers in and out

without them getting noticed?

SEAN= One word, man. Camouflage.

There's gonna be security this time,

under the supervision

of Director Jennifer Gibgot.

We have a phenomenal exhibit.

And I need you to...

SEAN= What about music?

I was thinking Penelope should look into

seeking some new employment.

The last gentleman we had played

the music much too loud.

So do your best to keep a low profile.

Low profile. Got it.

SEAN= This is definitely gonna get us a lot of hits.

Either way, The Mob is gonna put

its own spin on fine art.


Thank you.

Okay, thank you all for coming.

I can only imagine

how difficult this is to audition,

let alone audition for me.

I am not an easy one. I get it.

But remember,

if everyone could do this,

we wouldn't be Wynwood.

We're about to name the dancers

who've been invited

to apprentice with Wynwood.

At the end of this summer, each dancer

will perform a routine of their own selection.

We will then select one male and one female

to formally join our company.

And the new apprentices are...

Vera Williams, Josh Torres,

Melba Watson, Mobey Shakur,

and Emily Anderson.

Thank you and congratulations.

Emily, where did you study?

With Max Sternberg at NYU.

Your technique is good.

Exquisite, actually.

Which means absolutely nothing.

Baby girl, you lack originality,

and I suggest you find some.

You've got to.

Thank you.

SEAN= You made it.

So what's with all the mystery?

Is this some sort of lame way you get girls

to go out with you?

SEAN= It's not a date. Promise.

Come on, we've got to hustle.

You look beautiful, by the way.

SEAN= It's still not a date.

W You look nice, too.

Where did you get the vino?

So why are we here?

SEAN= Just thought you could

use some inspiration.


- A group of dancers were able to break out...

-...strikes again...

...still attempting to identify the dancers...

The Mob struck again last night

this time taking over

the Miami Museum of International Arts

and Culture.

The art itself seemed to come to life,

causing delight

in spite of the disruption.

Quite the scene last night at the Miami

Museum of International Arts and Culture.

Police continue their investigation,

as many questions remain,

including the two most pressing,

Who is The Mob, and what is this all about?

SEAN= You didn't get the memo?

Guests aren't supposed

to mix with the help.

SEAN= I want in.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I want to join The Mob.

SEAN= You can't talk about that here, okay?

Maybe I can help you out with your routine.

The Mob, it's not for you.

That's not good enough.

SEAN= What we do is dangerous. Okay?

If you get thrown in jail,

your dad is gonna get real pissed.

You were the one who said

I needed to break the rules.

No, there's too much at stake.

SEAN= We've got to win this contest.

What contest?

YouTube is giving 100 grand

to the first channel that gets 10 million hits.

Then adding another dancer

can only help you.

Sean! Your tables are looking for you.

SEAN= Be right out. I gotta go.


I have to get into Wynwood.

And the only way that

I'm gonna be able to do that

is by taking risks

and changing the way I dance.

SEAN= The Mob is not gonna go for it.

Especially if they find out who you are.

Who says anyone has to know?

- The second one, for sure.

- Okay.

- Nice work.

- No problem.

Always working out, man.


Yo. What do we have here?

SEAN= I want to introduce you to someone.

Emily, this is Eddy, co-founder of The Mob.

And my best friend.

- Nice to meet you.

- Hi.

What's she doing here?

SEAN= She's gonna join our next mission.

I got her up to speed about the contest

and how things are going down.

She can help.

Sean, can I talk to you for a second?

What the hell is this?

SEAN= She's an incredible dancer.

So what? Just like that, she's inner circle?

How do I know I can trust her?

SEAN= Because I vouch for her.

No! We can only trust

the people that we have.

What's the issue?

We've been saying we need another girl

to really go off and hit choreography.

It's worth a shot, right? She's actually good.

Come on.

Can you get her ready

in time for the next Mob?

SEAN= Yeah. I think so.

Good. Because you're dancing lead.

Did you say "lead"?

Yeah, I did.

- It's going to be good.

- You'll be good.

SEAN= Let me introduce you to the crew.

Eddy is our resident Mark Zuckerberg.

Anything electronic

or computer-related, he can do.

He's our eyes and ears.

Penelope is the hottest DJ on South Beach.

She creates all the mind-blowing remixes

for our Mobs.

She sets everything in motion.

And Jason just got back from New York

where he was a part of this

crew called The Pirates.

Anything we need in terms of effects,

he's our boy.

Mercury is a locally renowned street artist.

No one, I mean no one,

has ever heard him speak.

You know, "Picture's worth

a thousand words" thing.

Iris was huge in the SoCal skate scene.

He wanted to put his lens

on something next-level,

so we gave him something to film.

Sly and Adrian are leaders

of our parkour crew.

They handle all of our stunts.

The rest of our crew,

they're from all over the world,

and dance every style there is.

And this is where we put it all together.

It's the Batcave of The Mob.

We wake people up out

of their daily lives, Emily.

We hit them where and when

they least expect it.

When The Mob speaks, everyone listens.

You still have time to back out.

SEAN= Nah, we're good.

You are ready, right?

9- 1- 1 emergency.

SEAN= How's that for inspiration?



SEAN= Mind if I cut in?

SEAN= Can you salsa?

Can I.

All right. Let's see if you can keep up.

SEAN= Come on. You've gotta give it up.

You did good. You did.

It was the best Mob yet.

SEAN= This is great. Come on.

I like it here.

SEAN= It's not exactly Star Island.

No, it's better. You're lucky.


I wish I grew up in a place like this.

I grew up in hotels.

All different, but all exactly the same.

Clean, sterile, temporary.

People actually live here.

It's great.

It is.

SEAN= You want to see more of it?

This is yours?

SEAN= How about I show you around?

So when did you start The Mob?

SEAN= It was Eddy who came up

with the idea of doing Mobs.

How long have you known him?

SEAN= All my life.

We're more like brothers, I guess.

SEAN= Our folks would go to Ricky's every night

and we'd be there,

these little kids, just wilding out.

Then my pops took off.

Moms met her new man

and ever since then,

it's kind of been us against the world.

W That's what it was like for me, too.

Me and my dad right after my mom split.

We were inseparable.

SEAN= What happened?

I got my own ideas

about what I wanted to do.

You know? With my life.

And he's had a really hard time

accepting that.

SEAN= You should be able to do

what you want to do.

W It's not that simple.

SEAN=  Why not?

You don't understand, Sean.

I wish I was like you.

I could just do whatever I wanted.

You know? Break the rules.


You've got to realize, guys like Eddy and I,

we're invisible in this city.

SEAN= That's kind of how we came up

with the idea of doing Mobs.

SEAN= It's like us saying, "Listen up."

"We exist. This city is ours, too."

SEAN= - Does that sound lame?

- No.

Not at all.

SEAN= Hey, Ricky.

What's wrong?

Ever hear of Anderson Global Properties?

SEAN= Yeah. Why?

This Anderson guy,

he wants to build some sort of development.

Luxury hotel. Designer shops.

He's buying the whole strip

on this side of the river.

This bar, your home,

the shop where your sister works, all gone.

Can you believe this?

It's the same asshole that fired me.

This guy can't walk in here

and take everything we have.

SEAN= Can't you just say no, Ricky?

It's not my choice, hijo.

I'm like everyone around here. I rent.

A lot of people are making

a living on this strip.

And now everything's gonna be wiped out.


SEAN= Emily!

Hey! Where are you going?

To talk to my dad.

Is it gonna help?

I don't know, but I have to try.

We have to tell your friends

that he's my dad.

They deserve that much.

SEAN= I don't know. Eddy almost lost it in there.

And Ricky, I've never seen him like that.

SEAN= Right now, I think it might make it worse.

You want to at least tell me

where you've been?

I was out with a friend. It got late.

So you spent the night with some guy?

It wasn't like that.

Just don't do it again. I've got a meeting.

Are you planning to build in

the Spring Gardens district?

Why do you ask?

My friend, Sean. He lives there.

This just keeps getting better.

So you spent the night in a slum.

- It is not a slum.

- Emily...

Daddy, I wish you could see it.

The same families

have lived there for decades.

Every time I build,

something else gets knocked down.

Someone's house, someone's business.

It's the price of progress.

Besides, this is a done deal.

Trip is meeting with the city council

next Thursday.

And once they give it the okay,

we break ground at the end of the month.

Please, don't do this.

Let's make a deal.

I won't tell you how to dance,

and you don't tell me

how to run my company.

All right, let's take five.


Where are you?

I'm right here.

You're not here.

I'm watching you,

and it's like you're being

blown around the studio like a leaf.

Take control, Emily.

Let's take it from the top.

Where have you been?

SEAN= Emily's got an idea for the next Mob.

I really don't need Cinderella coming in here

and messing with the program.

We need to be working on the next Mob.

We've already got over 4,000,000 hits.

So you got a lot of hits on YouTube.

That's great.

Maybe you'll win this thing,

and you'll win some money,

but it's not gonna change anything.

Believe me.

You have 4,000,000 people listening,

but you're not saying anything

that actually matters.

It's not okay to make art for fun anymore,

and it's not okay to make trouble either.

So what are you proposing?

I'm saying enough with performance art.

It's time for protest art.

Anderson Global Properties

is pitching the project

to the city council in a week.

They have to have the council's approval

to move forward, so...

I think we should join them.

So we're gonna mob the meeting?

I'm down.

How do you know all this?

City council meetings are public record.

And there's this space-age device

called the Internet now.

SEAN= Think about it.

Instead of just getting hits,

SEAN= we can make a statement.

I'm listening. What's the plan?

Well, we're gonna need some more dancers.

SEAN= All right, folks. Let's take our seats.

I really appreciate everyone being here.

I'm excited about what we have to show you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Bob Cooper.

Bob is a partner of Cooper and Mackey,

one of the largest

marketing firms in the U.S.

Bob has agreed to personally oversee

the campaign for our new development.

It's my pleasure.

He'll lay out a detailed plan for us in a sec,

but first I'd like to direct your attention

to our plan to renovate the riverside.


Folks, we should probably step outside.

Just file out. I'm sure it's nothing

to be too concerned about.

I apologize for this.

I don't know if it's a drill or not,

but we'll get to the bottom of it.

Follow me.

We'll just do what they need us to do

and get back up there.

Great tie, by the way.

What the hell's going on here, Trip?

There's no need to film this.

Should we be worried about this, Trip?

No. Not at all.

Just a bunch of stupid kids.

A bunch of stupid kids did that?


The flash mob

was apparently targeting a meeting

between the city council and members

of Anderson Global Properties.

Mom, look, it's Sean.

Are you sure?

Yeah, he's doing the "ocean motion."

All indications

are that the video is quickly going viral

turning these local art vigilantes

into something of a cultural phenomenon.

Sean... Guys. You're not gonna believe this.

Another million hits in less than two hours.

We're up to 6,000,000 hits.

If you love dance,

you are going to love this next story.

I've just seen this video, and all I can

tell you is, in one word, amazing.

I've never seen anything like this before.

The video was posted to YouTube

and has quickly gone viral,

thrusting these mysterious

artists into the spotlight.

And it's quickly becoming

an Internet sensation.

And before we announce the winner...

Have you guys seen this viral

video by The Mob? It's huge!

Another developing story

we're following today...

And it seems to be picking up steam.

Everyone is talking about this,

so I have to bring it up-

Who knows about The Mob?

This neighborhood is all I've ever known.

She was born here, we live here,

we don't plan on leaving.

For you guys to do what you did for me,

my family, families like mine...

You gave us a voice,

and we're just so thankful for that.

Don't know what I can say but thank you.

We are so thankful, huh?

- Yes.

- Yeah.

What about this rogue Miami flash mob

stirring up all kinds of trouble?

A lot of celebrities are tweeting

this week about The Mob.

Have you seen this video

about these kids in Miami?

I'll tell you one thing that makes sense in

any language, the art of dance.

Ten million hits!

I am in! Yes!

With the public rallying

behind The Mob's cause,

support for Anderson is crumbling.

The latest polls of the council suggest

that if the vote were taken today,

Anderson's project would not be approved.

Nice. Yes, Emily, better.

Take your time.


I've got you.

I love it.

SEAN= You have nothing to worry about.

The audition's gonna be great.

I really appreciate all your help.

SEAN= Your dad say anything

about the city council Mob?

No. But it definitely worked.

I can tell it shook him up.

He'd freak out if he knew I was involved.

SEAN= You don't feel bad

sabotaging your dad's development?

How else are we supposed

to stop my big, horrible, greedy father

from destroying

your beautiful neighborhood?

No, I do feel guilty.

But as much as I love my father,

there's a thousand other places my dad

could stick some nauseating luxury hotel.

He'll be fine. Trust me.

SEAN= How are things between you guys?

He has some big gala he's making me go to.

And Trip asked me to be his date.

He thinks I'm some way

to get closer to my dad.

Of course I said no.

But, I just wish you could go.

SEAN= I'm sure I'll be there.

Of course, I'll be on the other side

of the table with a drink tray.

W Can we do it a few more times?

I don't know...

Just one more time.

SEAN= I think there's something else

that's a little more fun we could do.

- Come on. Let's do it.

- No, no.


Can I come in?

So how is everything

with the dance company?

Good. I've got my final audition

in a couple of days.


Good luck.


- Is everything okay?

- Yeah.

It's been a rough couple of days.

Glad I've still got you on my side.

Emily and Dad against the world. Right?


I'll let you get some sleep.

Good night, sweetie.

Good night, Dad.

Man, this better be important.

I was playing that new Call of Duty

and kicking some ass!

I was just about to make the moves on her

and I got the call.

What up, Eddy?

What did you want to show us?

Where's Sean?

Here, take a look.

I found their rehearsal footage.

He would freak out

if he knew I was involved.

You don't feel bad sabotaging

your dad's development?

How else are we supposed to stop

my big, horrible, greedy father

from destroying

your beautiful neighborhood?

- Are you sure?

- I looked her up.

Emily Anderson. She's his daughter.

- That's crazy.

- What?

Maybe we should call Sean

and get to the bottom of it.



I've got a better idea.

It's going to be a big crowd tonight.

I think it will be good for us both.

There's my beautiful daughter. Excuse me.

I'm so glad you came, Emily.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

What do you think?

Didn't Trip do a great job with all this?

Shall we?

I'd like to thank everyone for being here.

Now, with no further ado,

the man responsible

for the city's latest beautification project,

Mr. Bill Anderson.

Thank you, Trip.

Thank you all.

I'd like to extend a very special welcome

to the great Mayor of Miami,

my good friend, Donald Hernandez.

All of us at Anderson Global Properties

look forward to a long working relationship

with the city council

and the entire Spring Gardens community.

And now, the moment

you've all been waiting for.

I'd like to present to you El Frente Del Rio.

I think we're having

some technical difficulties.

Why don't we cut the video?

Please cut the video.

- Call the police.

- Already done.

You don't feel bad

sabotaging your dad's development?

How else are we supposed to stop

my big, horrible, greedy father

from destroying

your beautiful neighborhood?


He would freak out

if he knew I was involved.

Freak out if he knew I was involved.

My big, horrible, greedy,

greedy-greedy father...

How else are we supposed

to stop my greedy, greedy...

Mayor! Stop!

SEAN= What are you doing?

What you didn't have the balls to do.

Or were you too busy banging

the boss's daughter to care?

- Emily!

SEAN= - You used me!

I swear to God

I did not know Eddy was gonna do that.

Stop it. These guys don't

make a move without you, Sean.

- Emily!

- Leave me alone.

You lied to me, Sean. You lied to all of us.

SEAN= I did, Eddy. I lied to you.

I was trying to protect a girl

I really care about,

but I guess it taught me a lesson.

Shut up, both of you!

You knuckleheads never know

when to give up, do you?

Your little stunt is all over the news.

We've been disqualified.

That's impossible. We got the hits.

Yeah, well, I got an email

from corporate office this morning.

They don't want to be associated

with criminal activities.

That's bullshit.

Anderson's pressing charges. We're out.

SEAN= Guess we both got taught a lesson, huh?

Screw them. Screw you, too!

SEAN= Too late, Eddy.

You already screwed everyone.

What did you think was

going to happen, Sean?

Think the old man was just gonna

give you his blessing?

You go live happily ever after

with his little princess?

You know what? I can't believe

after everything we've been through,

you'd pick that lying bitch over me!

SEAN= Look, I was the one who told her

to keep quiet about her father

SEAN= because I knew you were

too stubborn to get past it.

SEAN= You might think a lot of things about her,

SEAN= but she would never do that to someone.

I quit.

Get off me, man!

Hey, it's Emily.

Leave me a message and I'll call you back.

SEAN= Emily, it's Sean. You have to believe me.

I had nothing to do with

what went down last night.

SEAN= Please just give me a chance

to try and explain things.

You have my number.

I'm sorry.

I never meant to hurt you.

It's all over now.

The plans were approved.

We're gonna start construction right away.

Where's Sean?

He came by this morning to help.

You have no messages.

Where do you want this?


Emily Anderson.

Emily, I thought you were doing a duet.

I've changed my mind.

I'm doing a solo.

SEAN= Emily!


What are you doing here?

SEAN= I had to know. You make the company?

SEAN= What are you gonna do?

Keep my promise.

Go back and work for my dad.

SEAN= Don't do that. Don't give up.

What about you? When's the next Mob?

Your home is being destroyed.

You should be fighting for what you want.

This is where Sean and I came up

with the first Mob.

Right here.

You know, this Iucha between you two,

it's no good.

Well, I didn't start it.

But you ended it. And made it a lot worse.

He lied to me, Ricky.

You're young.

You haven't met that special someone yet.

So you don't know. But one day you will.

And when you do,

I hope you won't lose that special someone

the way your friend did.

Go make it right, will you?


What are you looking at?

SEAN= What's going on?

I really messed up.

And I don't have an excuse

other than... I don't know...

It just felt like we've always had that whole

"you and me against the world" thing.

I started to feel like it was fading.

But it doesn't matter. It was stupid.

I'm sorry.

SEAN= It's not all on you.

I should have never lied to you.

Does that mean I've got

my best friend back?

SEAN= I don't know.

Supposed to exchange rings or something?

God, no.

But you knocked one of my fillings loose,

you crazy freak.

From now on, this is the only thing

you get to hit, okay?

Hang on.

- Yo, Sean.

- Hey, what's up?

We're sorry, man. All of us.

Yeah, The Mob ain't the same without you.

We took The Mob, everything we had,

we turned something positive

into something ugly.

SEAN= Maybe there's a way to fix all that.

To give us one more shot.

To do what?

SEAN= To do what The Mob was intended to do.

To be heard.

It's not about a contest anymore.

It's about giving the people

that can't speak a voice.

Only thing is, we're gonna need

SEAN= more voices. A lot more.

That shouldn't be a problem.

We've got a lot of folks around here

that like to be heard.

That's so true.

SEAN= Well, we've got some work to do.

Yeah, baby!

We don't have to replace him after all.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Listen up, listen up!

It's not a freestyle session. It's up here.

The second one is down here.

SEAN= Do it again.

If this works, it's gonna be a damn miracle.


We're gonna need all the help we can get.

Jason. What's up?

What's going on?

I've got something big

popping off in Miami.

I'm gonna need some bangers

to help pull it off. What do you think?

SEAN= Okay. What have you got in mind?

Check this out.

That's fresh, right?

Now imagine a bunch of people doing that,

coming down the way we want to.

That's cool. But what are we

gonna do about costumes?

I've got it.

So, he has costumes now?

SEAN= He just talked.

You know what, my friends?

Today is our day.

And what an exciting day

for this neighborhood

which is about to enter

a new era of prosperity.

Thank you.

It's been a difficult journey

to get to this moment,

lots of discussions, some disagreements...

I'm glad you're here.

We'll be back in Cleveland soon,

put all this behind us. Okay?

Now I'm proud to welcome up here

my dear friend, Bill Anderson,

and to present to him,

as a token of this occasion,

a shovel that would say...


- Hello?

- Hang on.

What's going on?


Ladies and gentlemen...

What the hell is that?

For weeks you've been

asking, "Who is The Mob?"

The Mob is all of us.

The Mob is Miami.

And Miami is its culture.

If you take down the culture,

you take down Miami.

We have something important to say.

So now let us say it

in the best way we know how.


Why aren't you doing anything?

Oh, my God...

Shut the lights off!

SEAN= - Well, we did it!

- Not yet.

There's one more thing to do.

Go get her back.

SEAN= Come on. Isn't it time

to start fighting for what you want?


Hello, Andy, my boy.

I'm Robert Alexander the Third.

But you can call me Moose.

- Moose?

- What up?

I think it's pretty clear that this community

has something to say to you.

And we are here to help them say it.

SEAN= Mr. Anderson?

There's no way we can stop you

from destroying our neighborhood.

But we wanted to show you

what's being lost in the process.


I'm sorry about this, Bill.

Things didn't quite go as planned.

Good. Because our plan just changed.

Maybe there's a way

we can build this neighborhood up

without tearing it down.

What do you say?


But why "Moose"?

I think the question

you have to ask yourself is,

"Why not 'Moose'?"

I feel you, babe. I see you.

Excuse me.

Not now, Bob.

Actually, I wanted to talk to him, not you.

I'm Bob Cooper, owner of

the marketing firm Mr. Anderson employed.

I hope you don't object,

but our biggest client is actually Nike.


They're looking for something different

and a little more cutting edge

for their new campaign.

I think your crew is perfect.

Ready to introduce The Mob to the world?

What do you think?

SEAN= What do I think? Where do I sign?

Look at what you did.

You brought all these people together.

You know, we could still use somebody

who knows how to break the rules.

I'm in.


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