Definition of Brainstorming

Definition of Brainstorming

According to James (2009: 3) Brainstorming is a popular tool that helps the learners makes and produce creative solutions to problems. This is very useful when the learners want to get out of stale and established thinking patterns, so the learners can develop new ways of looking at things. Brainstorming also helps the learners overcome or solving many problems that can make in a group problem solving a sterile and unsatisfactory process.

Decoda (2015: 3) suggests Brainstorming is a process for making a list of ideas in response to questions or initial ideas. Brainstorming emphasizes field and creative thinking of learners, inviting the viewpoints of all participants group in an effort to ensure the relevant aspects of issue or question . It is usually a good idea to use graphic organizers such as "idea maps" or flowcharts so students can see the relationship between ideas. Brainstorming can be finished with the whole class, in pairs of students or small groups also in individually

Al-shammari (2015: 61) is defined as a group or method of individual creativity in which an attempt is made to determine definitive conclusions for a particular problem by obtaining information in the form of a list of ideas or topic that spontaneously contributed by participant, Brainstorming is very simple and effective when used as a strategy for teaching social studies or English foreign language especially to introduction of new concepts or content. This is effective because it activates students' background knowledge and captures their interests. While students are learning, the teacher can determine whether they have enough background knowledge to continue the lesson or not.

Al-khatib (2012: 26) defines the strategy Brainstorming is one of the most important strategies in provoking creativity and solving problems in the fields of education, commercial, industrial and political. The Brainstorming Strategy was introduced by Alex Osborn, a manager of an American advertising company in 1938 as a result of his discomfort at traditional business meetings. Brainstorming also means the use of the brain for active problem solving and brainstorming sessions aimed to developing creative solutions to problems


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