Definition of Demonstration Method

Definition of Demonstration Method

Demonstration Method is an essential teaching Method in supporting the learning of a skill at any level or grade and is the most supportive of all the teaching approaches. As the students gain more knowledge about a particular skill, they need less support and the approach should change. Demonstration is typically used to introduce a new skill to a whole group, but it can and should apply to individuals or a small group whenever more support is needed for their learning.

A demonstration is a teaching method used with both large and small groups. Demonstrations become more effective when verbalization accompanies them. In generally accepted learning theory that the greater the degree of active participation and sensory involvement by the learner, the more effective learning will be.

Ilene (2013: 49) states that demonstration is where the teacher shows how something is done by actually doing it. Demonstration  method  involves  the  teacher showing  pupils  how  to  do  something  while  they  observe.  Pupils practice will follow the teacher demonstrations. Demonstrations are used to show procedures and to explained techniques. Thus, demonstration is a direct means of explaining things to the pupils.

Adekoya and Olatoye (2013: 322) Demonstration method involves the teacher showing learners how to do something. For example, how to change a tire, prepare a recipe, or make a tie knot.  It is a way of teaching good practices.  This  method  allows  the  teacher  to show  the  results  that  can  be  obtained  from experimenting  with  objects,  plants  and  other materials that could be demonstrated. This method is one of the most effective teaching tools.  Demonstration  method  has  been  shown  to  be effective  with  both  large  and  small  groups.


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