The Benefit (Advantages) of Reading Aloud

 The Benefit (Advantages) of Reading Aloud

           Wilson. J. 2007: 7 states the benefit of reading aloud as follows:

a.       Listening to stories provides children with new ‘friends’ characters whom they learn to love.

b.      Hearing new words gives children a richer vocabulary.

c.       Children can understand stories that are beyond their own reading ability.

d.      Hearing books read aloud improves a child’s ability to listen for periods of time and increases attention spans.

e.       Reading aloud allows children to interact by interrupting and asking questions about meaning.

f.       Hearing a story read aloud enables children to make connections with others’ personal experiences.

g.      Listening to more complex stories can help children to extend their knowledge and understanding.

h.      Listening to a story being read aloud shows beginner readers how fluent readers read.

i.        The words children hear in books give them a rich language when they begin their own writing.


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