The Procedure of Demonstration Method

The Procedure of Demonstration Method

Wright (2000) The D-P method consists of four phases: an explanation, demonstration, performance-supervision, and evaluation phase.

1.         Explanation Phase.  In the explanation phase, you tell the cadets how to perform the skill.  This explanation should be planned as a short lecture with the nature of the task determining the appropriate organizational pattern.  For our example, we are going to teach drill movements.

2.         Demonstration Phase.  In the demonstration phase, you show the cadets how to do the skill.  With drill, the explanation and demonstration phases may be combined.  However, in the demonstration phase, it is very important that you demonstrate the drill movements correctly the first time.  When any skill is demonstrated incorrectly, you will lose credibility, and the cadets will have to unlearn the incorrectly presented drill movement.

3.         Performance-Supervision Phase.  In this phase, you must decide how much control to use.  In the independent approach, the cadets practice the entire drill movements after seeing the demonstration, going step by step at their own individual rate.  In the controlled approach (which we use for cadet drill training), cadets practice each drill movement step by step under your supervision.  You correct the errors of each cadet individually, so the cadet will gain a rapid understanding of the correct procedure in each drill movement.  In many cases, overlearning to ensure proficiency in drill is desirable.

4.         Evaluation Phase.  The most important consideration of the evaluation phase is the development of an appropriate measuring instrument.  To be valid, the rating device must accurately measure each drill movement objectively


A method demonstration shows someone how to do something. When you give a method demonstration, you show someone how to do something and explain the process step by step. This is different from an illustrated talk, the purpose of which is only to give information. In a method demonstration, you want to teach your audience a method and inspire them to use it.


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