The Importance of Writing and The Characteristic of Good Writing


The Importance of  Writing and The Characteristic of Good Writing

1.   The Importance of  Writing

There are a lot of reasons why writing is important by Hairston in Saleha (2008: 5):

a.   Writing is a tool for discovery. We stimulate our thought process by the act writing into information and tab into information and image we have our unconscious mind.

b.   Writing helps us to organize our ideas. We can arrange them in coherent form.

c.   Writing generates new ideas by helping us to make connection and see relationship.

d.   Writing down ideas allow us to dictate ourselves form them.

e.   Writing helps us to observe and process information when we write a topic, we learn it better.

f.    Writing enables us to solve the problems by putting the element of them into written form; we can examine and manipulate them.

g.   Writing on a subject makes us active rather than passive learns of information.

While the other reason:

a.   People can read something because of writing so that we know everything.

b.   Through writing, we can express our ideas and also our feeling to other people.

c.   By expressing idea through writing, the writer can improve the way of delivery ideas and opinions in more appropriate way since she can check and revise her writing before being read by other people.

3.   The Characteristic of Good Writing

There are some characteristic o good writing as adelstein and prival in Damayanti (2009: 15) states as follows:

a.   Good writing reflects the writing skill to organize the material into coherence whole so that it moves logically form a sentence, dominate idea, to the supporting and finally to consistent ending, conveying to the reason sense of a well thought put plan.

b.   Good writing reflects the writer skill to write the interest readers in subject and demonstrate a thought sound understanding of it.

c.   Good writing reflects the writer skill to criticize the draft and revise it. Revision is the key of effectives writing.   

d.   Good writing reflects the writer skill to use the approach vice suit the purpose and audience of the occasion. 


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