The Advantage or Benefits of Problem Based Learning Strategy

 The Advantages or Benefits of Problem Based Learning Strategy

           Stepien and Gallagher (2009: 4) Say that using Problem Based Learning Strategic tool in the classroom entails the development of the teacher as facilitator of learning, the class as strategic learners and problem solvers, and the district as an innovators and embracer of productive, progressive education. Effective PBL strategies will result in the following benefits for the teacher, the classroom, and the district:

a. Problems encountered resemble the nature of problems encountered in the real world. Problem provides clues, context, and motivation; they are maps which guided learners to useful fact and concept.

b. Since the problems can not be clearly approached on the first encounter, it becomes a challenge, promoting creative thinking and developing organizational skills.

c. Prior knowledge provides a foundation for establishing a framework for extending learning opportunities for all parties involved in the process.

d. Misconception about teaching and learning, curriculum, math and science instruction, and learner content level understanding are revealed.

e. The legitimacy of the groups’ as well as the individual’s learning goals are established.

f. The process empowers the group (student and educator like at their own level) to assume responsibility for directing learning, defining, and analyzing problems and contracting solution.


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