Process of Speaking

Process of Speaking

In attempt to study the process of teaching speaking, Thorunbury in  Zohra (2012: 9) stressed that speaking  is  a  complicated  skill  in  which  speakers  do  certain  things  and  need  to  develop  a command  of  skills  like  speech  production,  conceptualization,  formulation,  articulation  and managing interaction. 

1)      Speech production.

Speech is produced is one of the main points of focus  in  the  study  of  speaking  and  he  described  speech  as  linear,  contingent  as  well  as spontaneous in nature. It is linear because it takes place in real time words follow words and phrases follow phrases and likewise at the utterance level, it is contingent because speech is the  production  of  words  by  words  and  utterances  by  utterances  responding  to  another speakers production, and it is therefore spontaneous because each utterance we utter depends on the preceding one.

2)      Articulation

Articulation refers to the process of using the organs of speech to produce sounds that takes place when a stream of air is produced in the lungs moving through the vocal cords and shaped among other organs such as movements of the tongue, lips and the teeth and results in the production  of  different  phonemes.

3)      Managing interaction.

Any form of actual face to face interaction require management which is governed by rules that are often influenced by status and social cultural conventions.  Rules  considered  to  govern  interaction  are  those  of  openings  and  closings, taking  turns  and  topic  management.


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