Definition of Speaking

Definition of Speaking

In the explanation of Bailey (2002: 124) defines the four traditional skills of language use (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in terms of their direction and modality. Language generated by the learner (in speech or writing) is productive, and language directed at the learner (in reading or listening) is receptive. Modality refers to the medium of the message (aural/oral or written). Thus, speaking is the productive aural/oral skill. It consists of producing systematic verbal utterances to convey meaning. Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing and receiving and processing information. It is often spontaneous, open-ended, and evolving.

Based on the Department of Education WA (2013: 167) Speaking is a process as well as a product. Much of a student’s speech occurs in unplanned, informal situations where a structured planning process for all spoken interactions would be inappropriate. This dynamic and interactive speaking needs to be promoted through inquiry and the exchange of ideas; teachers should help students to become aware of the way language works in a wide range of social interactions.

Iamsaard  & Sakon (2015: 71) speaking is the reaction related to the message, situation, articulation, by using the appropriate language, grammar rules, meaning and culture properly. The speaker sends the message using the appropriate stress, intonation, facial expression, gesture to help convey the meanings for the listeners. Sometimes the speech might lack the completion or improper grammar; however, speaking occurs between two people by using the language as the means of communication.

Zohra (2012: 8) Speaking as  a  natural integral part of the persons daily life. In other words, it is an activity which is carried out by both  ordinary  and  specialized  people  to  do  their  basic  functions  according  to  their  specific needs. Attempting to illustrate the process of speaking fluently in foreign language, he claims that  speaking  is  a  complex  skill  that  involves  in  addition  to  the  knowledge  of  vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation a command of skills and another type of knowledge.


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