Definition of Writing

Definition of Writing

Writing is one of the four macro skills needed to be mastered as we learn a language and is one of the productive skills. Being a productive skill means that during the practice, we act to produce the language. Writing itself is indeed an active skill as in the act of creating a text, we need to do some steps like setting goals, generating ideas, organizing information, selecting appropriate language usage and use, making a draft, reading and reviewing it, then revising and editing (Hedge,  2000: 308).

Based on Weigle (2002: 1) Writing  is  one  of  important  skills  that  students  need  to  develop.  The ability to write is very important for the academic context, business and personal  relation  in  the  global  community. In  the academic context, this ability is used to measure the students‟ writing proficiency  such  as  composing  academic  easy  or  writing  some  texts which are included in the curriculum. In the business context, the ability to  write  is  important  for  those  who  make  business  relation  with  other across the nation by sending email or composing business report. writing a letter or message is also a means of communication which can connect the relationship between people indirectly.

Jeremy (2007: 7) point out that the writing  and  speaking  are  productive  skills.  It  means  that  writers  and speakers  go  through  producing  a  language. Writing is  more  difficult than  speaking  as  writing  communicating  into  space.  In face to face communication there is little time to think and produce it. However, the product  of  writing  is  not  as  instant  as  speaking.  Writing  does  not  only put the idea into a paper but how written text can be understandable by paying  attention  to  some  aspects  to  create  a  good  written  text.  Writing involves  complex  thinking  that  must  integrate  all  of  the  components such  as  the  topic  or  theme,  word  choices,  organization,  purpose, audience,  clarity,  sequence,  cohesion,  and  transcription.

Graham and Perin(2007: 3) explain that writing well is not just an option for young people-it is a necessity.  Writing skill is predictor of academic success and a basic requirement for participation in civic life in the global economy, while Writing is not a simple language skill to perform because of it is large areas that must be involved. In producing a piece of writing, linguistic competence and extra linguistic competence are always involved. The fact is that writing is not only a means of expression, but it is also an essential criterion of competence in any field. This means that to write is to seek expression or to have something to say through the application of linguistic system.


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