Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing

Writing  is  the  most  difficult  subject  in the  school  since  the  students  have to  produce  a  text  by  using  English.  They  have  to  write  about  what  they  think  in their mind and state it on a paper by using the correct procedure. Meyers (2005: 2) states that writing is a way to produce language you do naturally when you speak. Writing is speaking to other on paper or on a computer screen. Writing is also an action – a process of discovering and organizing your ideas, putting them on a paper  and  reshaping  and  revising  them.  In  other  words,  Palmer  (1994:  5)  states that  writing  is  recursive.  It  goes  back  and  forth  we  plan  a  little,  put  words  on paper, stop to plan when we want to say next, go back and change a sentence, or change our minds altogether.

Harmer  (2004:  86)  states  that  writing  is  a  process  and  that  we  write  is often heavily influenced by constraints of genres, then these elements have to be present  in  learning  activities.  Boardman  (2002:  11)  states  that  writing  is  a continuous  process  of  thinking  and  organizing,  rethinking,  and  rerganizing. Writing  is  a  powerful  tool  to  organize  overwhelming  events  and  make  them manageable. Writing is really a form of thinking using the written word.  Writing is  a  process  of  steps,  from  the  idea  to  the  finished  manuscript.  Students  will improve  their  writing  as  they  increase  their  ability  to  complete  each  step  in  the process. An assessment of student writing that includes review and discussion of each  step  will  help  students  understand  what  works  in  their  writing  and  why  it works. From the definitions above I can conclude that writing is a way to produce language  that  comes  from  our  thought.  It  is  written  on  a  paper  or  a  computer screen.

Among  many  different  kinds  of  exam  tasks  that  are  currently  in  use,  the following  are  some  of  the  most  common,  there  are:  applications  latter  and  CVs, articles,  reports,  and  reviews,  description  of  pictures,  paintings,  or  events, discursive  compositions,  leaflets,  letters  (informal  and  formal),  narratives, transactional letters (Meyers, 2005: 8-9).

From the definitions above the writer can conclude that writing is a way to produce  language  that  comes  from  our  thought.  By  using  writing,  we  can  share our  idea,  feeling  or  anything  that  exist  in  our  mind.  It  is  written  on  a  paper  or  a computer  screen.  It  is  influenced  both  by  the  personal  attitudes  and  social experiences  that  the  writer  brings  to  write  and  the  impacts  of  the  particular political and institutional contexts.


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