Definition of Stay Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy

Definition of Stay Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy

One  of  the  learning  models  in  cooperative  learning  is  the  two  stay  two  stray (TSTS) model. This TSTS model is developed by Spencer Kagan in 1992 and it is usually  applied with the Numbered  Heads Model. The  structure of TSTS gives a chance to the group to share the result and information to other groups. It is done because a  lot of  learning activities are  individual  oriented activities. The students work by alone and are not allowed to look at other students’ work. Though,  in fact,  in  the  real  life  out  of  the  school  life,  the  life  and  the  work  of  the  people depend one to another.

Rudibaugh and Speier (2000: 14) Two Stay/Two Stray point out this cooperative technique is useful for reviewing or sharing class projects or assignments. After a team of four members completes a project, tow students on the team move to another team to review their project/assignment. The other two students stay behind and share their project with two visitors (a pair from another team). When the two who strayed return to their original team they share what they've learned on their visit to the other team.

Elita, Zainil, & Radjab (2015: 70) Two  Stay Two  Stray  technique  is  completely students’  centered  since  the  students may  change  the  teacher’s  roles  to  suit their  particular  situation.  In  TSTS technique,  not  only  the  teacher  can speak  and  explain  in  front  of  students, but  the  students  have  opportunities  to speak  and  explain  in  front  of  their friends,  too.  This  means  that  each student has the chance to contribute and to  learn  something  which  causes  each student  develops  his/her  accountability. Meanwhile,  engaging  students  in competency based class need employing TSTS  technique  since  using  this technique  students  have  a  chance  to answer,  ask  questions,  apply  the knowledge they have acquired and gain feedback  from  group  members  while they are socializing in groups.


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