Procedure of Stay Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy

Procedure of Stay Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy

Maonde et al (2015: 145) explained that Two  Stay  Two  Stray  (TSTS)  was  developed  by  Spencer  Kagan  (1992)  and  used cooperatively  with  number  head  together.  This  method  is  commonly  used  for  all  subjects  and students’  level.  This  method  enables  the  students  to  share  information  to  the  other  groups.  The procedure of TSTS as follows

1)      The teacher explain the report text to the students

2)      The teacher give materials of report text

3)      Students work together in a group of four,

4)      Each group make their report from the text

5)      After finished, two member from each group stray to two other groups,

6)      Two member stayed have job to share their work and information  to those  who  come  to their  group,

7)      The  two  strayed  members  get  back to their  own group and report what they have found, and

8)      The groups match and discuss their work. 

The Stay Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy consists of some steps (Lie, 2004: 60-61):

1)      The teacher give topic and report text

2)      The students are set in group of four students and read the text and make a report from their own words.

3)      Then  two  students  of  each  group  will  leave  the  group,  each  of  the  two students will stray to other groups.

4)      The two staying students have task to share information and work result to their guests.

5)      The  guests  excuse  themselves  and  back  to  their  group  and  report  their findings from other groups.

6)      The group matches and discusses the information.


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