A.    Background

Language is important in our daily communication. People communicate with other or express their feelings, by using language. According to Amberg & Vause (2000: 1) Language is foremost a means of communication, and communication almost always takes place within some sort of social context. This is why effective communication requires an understanding. It means that language is very important for communication in our daily life. And language is one of the instrument of communication. Language is a means of communication. By using language, people can express ideas, thoughts, opinions and their minds. Language in the world is the most important means in life because it is impossible for people to communicate with other and carry on their daily activities without using language. Among those language, English is one of the international languages. As international language, English has many important roles.

Recently, English has been becoming number one topic that is being talked by scientist. It is because, almost every person in this earth needs to study English. Learning English is very important. English is essential for education advancement or career development and for interaction with people in other countries. Besides, English is also used to develop science, technology and culture. Based on the national education system, there are four skills which must be acquired by students in learning English, they are reading, listening, speaking and writing. Furthermore, English also has three components that are vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.  Among the four basic skills, reading is one of the most important skills in learning language because the success of their learning depends on the greater part of their ability to read. Based on Cline, F., Johnstone, C., & King, T. (2006: 2) Reading is the process of deriving meaning from text. For the majority of readers, this process involves decoding written text. Some individuals require adaptations such as braille or auditorization to support the decoding process. Understanding text is determined by the purposes for reading, the context, the nature of the text, and the readers’ strategies and knowledge.

There are 11 genres of text in reading. They are descriptive, report, procedure, explanation, analytical exposition, hortatory exposition, narrative, recount, spoof, anecdote and news item. Spring (1999: 3) point out that report is useful in both the academic and the business world, so whether you are planning to continue your education or get a job after you complete your upgrading, this  is a skill you will definitely need, A report is always expository writing; that is, it can be either informative or persuasive.

Based on the important of teaching reading, there are so many methods and technique to teach reading proposed by the experts. They try to find out the best method for reading. Among of these methods are reading puzzles, story-mapping technique, following instruction technique, etc. However, the teacher must select the best one for her/his students. He/she must adjust the students’ characteristic and level toward he method they choose. It has the aim to reach the effectiveness of the chosen method.

The success of teaching and learning process, including teaching and learning speaking is greatly influenced  by some components namely the teacher, students, method, motivation, and the linguistic factors. Learning speaking can be done effectively if the whole influencing components support each other to reach the goal. So identifying the problems and the causes of the problem in learning speaking is very important. So that the speaking class will run well.

Based  on  the  researcher’s experience  and  preliminary observations  on  the  previous  daily reading test of report text at the second grade of SMP PGRI Tamalate Makassar, the  researcher  found  the  students had difficulties to find the general  or  detail  information,  the  word meaning  and  also  generic  structure found  in  the  text.  It  meant  that  those students could not catch the ideas of the text  and  having  difficulties  in comprehending  the  text  so  that  they could  not  answer  the  comprehension questions properly

Realizing to explnation above the researcher will use Two Stay-Two Stray (Ts-Ts) Strategy. Two Stay-Two Stray (Ts-Ts) Strategy requires students to work in group, in which they share their ideas to others  and  exchange  them  with  other  groups, to obtain  the  best  understanding of  the  text.  The  students  will  work  in  group  then  they  will  try  to  share  what  the group has comprehended to other groups.

By taking into account all the aspects above, a study on students' strategies in overcoming speaking problems in speaking class of second semester at second grade of SMP is consider to be worth conducting. The result of this study is expect to provides valuable contribution to the betterment of the English learning. By the reason above, the researcher will conduct a study entitle “APPLAYING TWO STAY-TWO STRAY (TS-TS) STRATEGY TO IMPROVING THE STUDENTS READING COMPREHENSION OF REPORT TEXT AT THE SECOND GRADE OF SMP”

B.     Research Statement

1.      How is the students’ reading comprehension achievement after applies by Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy at the second grade of SMP?

2.      Are there any significant differences on the students’ reading achievement before and after using Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy at the second grade of SMP?

C.    Objective of the Research

1.      To find out the students’ reading achievement comprehension after using by Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy at the second grade of SMP.

2.      To find out whether there is any different on students’ reading comprehension achievement before and after using Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy at the second grade of SMP

D.    Significance of the Research

The result of the study is intend to have several significances.

1.      For the English teachers in SMP in order to offer them a good way to teach their students and help them in increasing their reading comprehension through cooperative learning, Two Stay Two Stray.

2.      This study is also expected to bring good effect for students’ reading comprehension and also to achieve students’ reading achievement. Third, for the further research, it will provide them basic information about teaching reading by using two stay two stray techniques.

3.      The researcher whishes that this study will help him to enrich his knowledge.

E.     Scope of the Research

The study is intend to find out significant different scores of the students in reading comprehension achievement before and after using by Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy

In other words, the study is directs to know whether or not a Two Stay-Two Stray (TS-TS) Strategy is effective used to improve students’ achievement in reading comprehension in report text. The study is conduct at second grade of SMP .


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