Types of Flash Card

Types of Flash Card

Haycraft (1978: 102-106) states two types of flashcards. They are word flashcards and picture flashcards. Word flashcards are cards on which words have been printed. When practicing word order, the teacher can use a number of cards representing  all  the  words  in  a  sentence.  The  cards  can  be  fixed  to  the  board,  or given to a student, and arranged correctly either by the class a whole or individual students. The word flashcards also can be used to practice structure. Then, picture flashcards  are  useful  for  presenting,  practicing  and  revising  vocabulary  or  as prompts  for  other  activities    for  example,  to  illustrate  the  characters  in  a dialogue, to help students improvise. Picture flashcards can be used as prompts for  simple  substitution  drills.  Picture  flashcards  are  also  useful  for  identifying  verbs on action.

Flashcard  can  be  divided  into  several  types  by  Scott  (1990), they are:

a.       Picture Card

Picture  cards  are  useful  for  the  teaching  of  vocabulary  and reading. These picture cards can be drawings or cut outs  from  magazines  or  perhaps  photos.  It  is  easiest  to  sort  these picture  cards  according  to  size  really  big  ones  for  class  work,  and smaller ones for individual or group work

b.      Card Games

A card game is any game using playing cards as the primary things  with  which  the  game  is  played,  be  they  traditional  or  game-specific.  Almost all card games can be made into language card game and  while  we  want  to  concentrate  on  games  where  some  sort  of language  interaction  is  taking  place,  we  can  also  play  card  game simply for relaxation. A simple snap game using picture cards is one of kind of card game.

c.       Word/ Sentence cards

Word  cards  are  useful  for  displays  and  for  work  on  the flannel graph. Sentence cards should only be used  for  the beginners and only with sentences which are use a lot of. Students can simply write  the  question  on  one  side  and  the  answer  on  the  opposite  side and  test  themselves  repeatedly

Word/ sentence card usually consist of two sides, on the front of  card  appears  the  word  entry  plus  whatever  supplementary information is needed, on the back appear a concise definition and an illustration of the word use. In the using word card and sentence card the  students  can  match  a  word  with  the  definition  in  the  other sentence  cards.  By  this  manner  the  student  can  more  interest  to learning English.


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