The Use of Blog in Teaching Descriptive to Improve Student’s Writing Ability of The Eleventh Grade at SMKN



A.    Background

In learning English, there are four skills we must study. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The four skills mentioned are diveded into receptive and productive skills. Speaking and writing are productive skills, while listening and reading are receptive skills. Beside the four language skills above, Writing should be taught by the teacher to the students optimally because with this skill students can produce a written information or text such as monologue and essay in the forms of procedure, descriptive, recount, narrative, report, news item, exposition, explanation, discussion, and review. In addition, those four skills have to be supported by language components such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Writing is usually thought to be the most difficult skill to acquire and should only be taught after students have learned the other  skill. But here, students are expected to be able to write well. Because by writing the can  students  what happen in her mind, so that the readers will know about it. The are many ways to encourage student to learn how to work well. It is the teacher’s task to make the class interesting in order to make the, the students will enjoy the class, so  as a result the goal of the teaching learning process will be achieved more optimally. The use of  information communication and technology (ICT), such as blog is one of media  that teachers can use to improve the students’ writing skill

Generally the writer  found the  student interest in writing is less , but they are very happy to surf in the internet . Therefore, through this media,  we are trying to direct  their interest in technology to the positive way by writing as an useful activities. So  their interest will increase  in writing . there are many types of writing such as narrative text, recount text, decriptive text, exposition text, and letter writing.  Moreover, descriptive text is very interesting to do for the student because this type of text is pleasant and easy to be learn.

According to Y Margono, said that in addition to writing ,computers can also be used as a medium of entertaiment , such as games,music,and movies,it can also be used to develop their telent like processing ,music painting and hone the skills of the foreign language, as well as help foster motivation to learn. The negative impact of computer of which students tend to isolate himself from society,corrupting morals,creating pride themselves,affect the psychological abuse etc.

Blog is a website that allows an author to publish  instanly on the internet from any internet connection. Blog can be used by teacher as a formative assessment tool. Blogging is an authentically collaborative medium of public writing. It allows because by using the blog medium students can be expected to  motivate  in writing students to develop and maintain control of their discourse, and teachers to develop assignments and activities that promote a democratic classroom that encourages student writers to collaborate, critique, and define knowledge.

By using blog as a medium for teaching writing, students will be more interested, more active, and will feel something new and different from what they usually get in the usual class. They will feel that they are not only an object of teaching learning process but also a subject of it.

Based on the statement above, the researcher is interested in carrying out a study on “The Use of  Blog in Teaching Descriptive to Improve Student’s Writing Ability of  The Eleventh Grade at SMKN ”.

B.     Scope of the Research

This study is focus on the use of  blog media  in Descriptive texts to improve student's writing ability at the  grade students of  SMK.

C.    Problem Statement

Based on the background, the researcher formulates the  question as follows: does the use of blog media in teaching descriptive text can improve students’ ability in writing at  the first grade students of SMKN?

D.    Objective of the Research

The objective of the research is to find out:

Whether  or not  the use blog media  in teaching descriptive text can improve students’ ability in writing at the second grade students of SMK?

E.     Significance of the Research

Generally, the significance of the study can be seen from three aspects, as follow:

1.      For English teacher

The result of the research hopefully can be useful to the teacher as information to find out how to improve the students’ writing skill and increase the quality of teaching

2.      For  student

The result is hopefully useful for the students to practice their writing through  blog media to improve their writing skills.

3.      For other researcher

The result of this study is hopefully able to give inputs and reference for

those who want to conduct the following classroom research.


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