Why Use Flash Card

Why Use Flash Card

Komachali (2012: 4) Flash cards are useful for  drilling new letters, syllables,  words, and other information.  They are normally used in a classroom, but can also be used more informally. A flashcard or flash card is a set of cards bearing information, as words  or  numbers,  on  either  or  both  sides,  used  in  classroom  drills  or  in  private  study.  Flash  cards  can  bear vocabulary,  historical  dates,  formulas  or  any  subject  matter  that  can  be  learned  via  a  question  and  answer  format. Flash cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition.

One way to add new words to one‟s vocabularies is by locating words in the dictionary and learning what they mean. But this is a slow process to increase word power. Another way is learning through vocabulary card or flash card. As we  listen  and  read,  we  often  meet  new  words  by  flash  card.  Word  lists  and  flash  cards  can  be  used  for  the  initial exposure  to  a  word,  but  most  students  continue  to  use  them  to  review  it  afterwards.  One  main  advantage  of  flash cards is that they can be taken almost anywhere and studied when one has a free moment

Haycraft (1978: 102) and Cross (1991: 120) there  are some advantages  of  using  flashcards  in  language  teaching.  They  are  namely: 

a.       Flashcards can be used for consolidating vocabulary; b) Flashcards are motivating and  eye-catching; 

b.      Flashcards  are  effective  that  can  be  used  for  any  level students;

c.       Flashcards can be taken almost everywhere and studied when are has free moment;

d.      Flashcards can be arranged to create logical grouping of the target words;  f)  Flashcards  are  cost  effective/inexpensive; 

e.       Flashcards  provide  visual link  between  L1  and  the  target  language;  and 

f.       Flashcards  also  can  be  used  for practicing structure and word order or for a variety of games.


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