Procedure of Using Flash Card

Procedure of Using Flash Card

Nugroho & Kasyulita (2015: 6) The  teaching  activities  involved  in  this research varied from classroom discussion to the small group discussion. The game played by  using  the  flash  cards  varied.  First,  it  was conducted  by  the  teacher  and  the  students and  the  next  step,  it  was  done  by  the students  in  small  groups.  This  change supported  and  developed  students  to internalize  the  materials.  In  the  first  step, they could build their concept of using flash cards  and  how  to  use  it.  Meanwhile  in  the next  step  which  was  playing  a  game  using flash card in small groups supported them in sharing  and  helping  among  others  in understanding  the  materials  in  this  case vocabularies which were learned.

Aschurotun Nadziroh (2010: 14) concluded the  procedures  of  the  use  flashcard  are  bellow:

a.       Sit comfortably facing your students.

b.      Arrange the flash cards in the order you would like to present them.

c.       starting  with  the  first  flash  card,  hold  it  up  so  your  students  can clearly see the front. Keep the back of the flash card toward you so your child cannot see it.

d.      Shows the flash card front to your students that consist of picture and said in English and asked the students to repeat after several time to make sure that they could say it in a correct pronunciation.

e.       Give question to them by showing flashcards one by one randomly, if  your  students  give  a  correct  answer,  place  the correctly  answered flash card in a pile on your left.

f.       If  your  students  give  an  incorrect  response  or  no  response,  tell  him the correct answer, and place these flash cards in a pile on your right side.

g.      After you have finished showing your students all of the flash cards, you may continue your flash card teaching session by using the stack of incorrectly answered cards. Continue in the same manner, placing correctly  answered  flash  cards  on  the  left  and  incorrectly  answered flash cards on the right.

h.      Once your students have mastered the full set of flash cards, practice them periodically to ensure your child remembers them.  Based  on  the  explanations  about  the  procedure  of  using flashcards  above,  the  researcher  conclude  that  the  step  in  using flashcards  in  English  learning  process  are    show  of  flashcards,  sounds, repetition  and  practice.  The  procedure  of  using  flashcards  is  simple,  so the  students  or  parents  can  practice  it  in  their  home  to  improve  their vocabulary.


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