Concept and Definition of Flash Card

Concept and Definition of Flash Card

Baleghizadeh & Ashoori (2011: 4) A flash card is a cardboard consisting of a word, a sentence, or a simple picture on it. It should be noted that the letters on it must be visible and large enough for everyone sitting in the front and the back of the classroom. To make sure that everyone can see the letters on the card, it is better to write words with capital  letters.  Both  sides  of  the  flash  cards  should  be  used  in  teaching vocabulary.

Din and  Wienke  (2001) the flash  card use  approach is an effective training and learning  method for high  school  teachers  and  students  in  chemistry  study  and  also  flash  cards  can  be  used  to  effectively  help  teachers teach,  students  learn  and  comprehend  chemistry  vocabulary.  Furthermore,  in  a  recent  study  concerning  the  use  of flash  cards. Flash cards are useful for  drilling new letters, syllables,  words, and other information.  They are normally used in a classroom, but can also be used more informally.

Komachali (2012: 7) A flashcard or flash card is a set of cards bearing information, as words  or  numbers,  on  either  or  both  sides,  used  in  classroom  drills  or  in  private  study.  Flash  cards  can  bear vocabulary,  historical  dates,  formulas  or  any  subject  matter  that  can  be  learned  via  a  question  and  answer  format. Flash cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition.

According  to  Cross  (1991:  119),  flashcard  is  a  simple  picture  on  a  piece  of  card  or  paper,  which  is  probably  the most widely used visual aids in language teaching. It means that flashcard is one of  media  which  can  help  the  teacher  to  teaching  English  easily.  Flash  cards  in teaching  vocabulary  are  very  simple  visual  aids  and  the  teacher  can  make  the students  more  active  during  the  teaching  learning  process.  Flashcards  are  some kinds of media that can be used by the teacher in the classroom. They can increase their  span  of  attention  and  concentration  to  study  new  words  in  English.

According  to  Haycraft  (1978:  102),  flashcards  can  be  used  for  consolidating vocabulary, practicing structure and words order or a variety of games. The use of flashcards  is  related  to  the  characteristics  of  elementary  school  students  as children  who  commonly  feel  interested  in  something  with  attractive  shapes  and color.

Based on many definitions above about flashcard; the researcher can conclude that:

a.       Flashcard is one of the media  education

b.      Flashcard is a little piece of paper

c.       Flashcard is the cards on which words and or picture and printed or drawn.

d.      Flashcard is one of the best tools for memorizing information.

The flashcard must always be brief, large, neat and clear so that it  can  be  seen  from  the  rear  of  the  room. Capital  letters  are  preferred print should be used since it is easy to read at a distance.  The  cards  can  be  displayed  by  the  teacher  or  by  a  pupil.  The letter is preferred since it makes for activity. The set of cards should be field  away  under  given  subject.  They  will  be  found  very  useful  for review  for  dill  and  as  a  warming  up  exercise  at  the  beginning  of  the period.


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