Previous Finding for Flash Card

Previous Finding for Flash Card

Nadziroh, Aschurotun. 2010. The Use Of Flashcards To Improve Vocabulary Mastery, she found the result of  t-table  show 2,05. Then, it is compared with t-calculation which show in cycle 1 is 6,256, cycle 2 is 8,712 and cycle 3 is 9,784. Because t-calculation is higher than t-table, so the researcher conclude that there is significant different between pretest and posttest.

Fitriana, Annis. 2014. Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery by Using Flashcard in the Fourth Grade of SD N 6 Jekulo Kudus in Academic Year 2013/2014. She found (1)  flashcard  can  improve  the students’ vocabulary mastery of the fourth grade students of SD N 6 Jekulo Kudus in academic  year  2013/2014;  (2)  response  of  students  using  flashcards  as  their  media interested,  active  and  excited  in  lesson.  The  writer  hoped  for  English  teacher  and  for further research  implementation flashcard can improve vocabulary mastery in elementary school; this media make students more active, creative and enjoyable


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