Concept and Definition of Grammatical Knowledge

Concept and Definition of Grammatical Knowledge

According to Cain, K. (2007: 6) grammatical knowledge is required to understand the meaning of certain structures such as passives, the meanings of other sentences may be grasped from the component words even if errors are apparent.

Andrews (2005:2) Looking at its relationship with grammatical knowledge from another perspective, it appears only loosely related; one could say that grammatical knowledge is subsumed by knowledge about language or language awareness, but such relativity is loosely conceived and of limited interest. The question would have to be asked: what  is the value of such a relationship, and how (in the educational sense) does it help matters?

In addition Garner and Bochna (2004) demonstrated that novice readers were able to transfer knowledge from one literacy activity to another after exposure to instructional strategies that used repeated presentation, explicit explanation, teacher modeling, and questioning. At post-test, the intervention group demonstrated significantly higher comprehension than did the comparison group; these students also demonstrated superior comprehension in relation to each of four story elements and displayed metalinguistic awareness of text structure by labeling and giving examples of story structure concepts more frequently. Not only did students transfer story grammar knowledge and use it successfully in a different context from the one in which they gained and practiced it, they transferred the knowledge in the context of a more difficult task than the one in which they initially acquired the knowledge.


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