The Relationship Between Grammar and Reading Comprehension

The Relationship Between Grammar and Reading Comprehension

In general terms, reading comprehension can be defined, in its most obvious sense, as the ability to understand information in a text and interpret it appropriately. Grabe and Stoller (2002: 17) explain the reading process in the following terms: “To offer a more accurate picture of reading comprehension, we define it according to a set of necessary processes. No one process defines reading comprehension by itself, but together they provide a fairly accurate account of the processes required for fluent reading”. They then list ten processes involved in fluent reading comprehension’. The present interest lies in the last but not the least important aspect of the list, that of reading comprehension as a linguistic process. which has often been dismissed in favour of the great emphasis that has particularly been placed on reading comprehension as a reasoning process. Unlike Li readers who normally have some tacit grammatical knowledge of their language. L2 students need explicit learning of grammar to help them in reading comprehension.

Therefore, readers are to be able to recognize the syntactic relations among the words to find how they are supposed to be understood in each context. This process needs to be done rapidly and without paying much attention, in other words, become automatic. However. FL students not only require overt knowledge of target language grammar but a great amount of hours of reading as well to be capable of using the former automatically to help them in reading (Lopez 2008: 184).

This same concept can also be referred to as syntactic awareness being an understanding of the grammatical structure of the language, specifically within sentences, which also allows readers to foresee the words that will come next. in this way. syntactic awareness assists readers in accomplishing their reading comprehension tasks effectively. Sharing this view, Koda (2005: 253) has recently pointed to the fact that the former view of reading. which defended that the necessary skills for reading competence are universal across languages. “apparently.


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