Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

In  English  learning,  students  have  to  know  the  appropriate form of sentences to use them according to the contexts. Therefore, they  have to practice, know, and understand about patterns or rules used in listening, speaking, reading,  and  writing.  It  means  that  they  need  to  learn  and  understand  about grammar.  Grammar  will  increase  their  ability  to  practice  the  skills  of  English, whether in a spoken or in a written form. By understanding the grammatical form of a sentence, the students will be easy to learn English.

Teaching of grammar is a much debated topic in language learning. Different expert have given different opinion about teaching of grammar. According some, the  language  cannot  be  learnt  without  studying  of  grammar  of  the  language. Nevertheless, some people say that the students who study grammar are often able to solve grammar exercise, but do not write correct speech (Patel and Jain, 2008: 141).

In  Indonesia,  traditional  grammar  can  still  be  found  in  some  language classrooms.  The  teaching  of  grammar  tends  to  use  repetitions  and  rote  drills. These activities can make the students get bored easily and uninteresting with the grammar  teaching.  This  does  not  mean  that  there  is  no  place  for  drills,  but  drills should  be  used  in  a  meaningful  and  purposeful  way  (Larsen-Freeman,  1991  in Puspitasari, 2011: 174). Furthermore, teachers have to find any techniques to keep children to concentrate to the teaching, to make them enjoy the lesson and to have fun and amusement


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