Definition of Grammar

Definition of Grammar

Grammar  is  one  of  language  components.  It  refers  to  pattern  of  form  and arrangement by which the words put together and it must be learnt if the language will  be  used.  Someone  who  uses  language  has  to  know  the  grammatical  of  the language.

Grammar may be defined as the way a language manipulates and combines words (or bits of words) in order to form longer units of meaning. There is a set of rules which govern how units of meaning may be contracted in any language. We may say that a learner who “knows grammar” is one who has mastered and acceptable language forms. (Penny Ur: 2003: 4)

Based on Wilcox (2004: 28) grammar is a system of rules which allows the users of the language in question to create meaning, by building both meaningful words and larger constructions of sentences.

Harmer (2007:1) states that grammar is the study and the practice of the rules in a language in which words change their forms and are combined into sentences. There are two basic components in this definition, the first is the rules of grammar and the second one is the practice of the rules. The rules of grammar are about how the words change and how they are put together into sentence. The practice of grammar is how the writers use the grammar correctly to make a good sentence. In a paragraph, the sentences that are arranged grammatically will make the paragraph is easy to understand and to avoid the misunderstanding of the readers. According to Downing and Locke (2006:239) when the readers read the paragraph, grammar helps them to interpret the messages of what they read.

Andrews et. al (2004: 8) Grammar refers, as far as the present project is concerned, to written sentence and text grammars.  It includes the study of syntax (rules governing word order), clause and phrase structure, and the classification of parts of speech (e.g. noun, verb, etc.), and issues regarding the cohesion and coherence of whole texts.  It can be both descriptive, in that it describes the existing patterns of sentences and texts; and, in sentence terms, also generative or transformative, in that rules can be defined which can generate grammatically acceptable sentences (the transformation being from basic deep structural rules, through to actual sentences).

Based on the definition above, it can be confirmed that grammar is the study of how word change and how they are put together into sentences, or in other word grammar is a set of rules that very essential in constructing of one sentence.


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