Concept of Error Analysis

  1. Concept of Error Analysis

According to Lopez (2003: 676) error analysis (EA) is the process  of learning a second language. According to this position, EA does not provide a complete idea of the learners in terms of their competence and performance. For  EA to be efficient, it needs to study both erroneous and non erroneous forms.

Error  analysis  is  an  invaluable  source  of  information  to  teachers.  It  provides information on students' errors which in turn helps teachers to correct students' errors  and  also  improves  the  effectiveness  of  their  teaching.  According  to Nzama (2010: 10) Error analysis is a type of linguistic analysis that focuses on the errors learners make.  It  consists  of  a  comparison  between  the  errors  made  in  the  target language (TL) and that TL itself and the examination of those errors committed by students in both the spoken and written medium.

Error  Analysis is one of  the most influential theories of second language  acquisition.  It is concerned  with  the  analysis  of  the  errors  committed  by  L2  learners  by  comparing  the learners’ acquired norms with the target language norms and explaining  the  identified errors. Sawalmeh (2013: 5) defined error analysis as "the process to observe, analyze, and classify the deviations of the rules of the second languages and then to reveal the systems operated by learner".

Error Analysis in language teaching and learning is the study of the unacceptable forms produced by someone learning a language, especially a foreign language. EA refers to “the study of linguistic ignorance, the investigation of what people do not know and how they attempt to cope with their ignorance”.

Barzegar (2013: 322) Error  Analysis  (EA)  is  a  procedure  used  by  both  researchers  and  teachers  which  involves collecting samples of learner language, identifying the errors in the sample, describing these errors, classifying them according to their nature and causes, and evaluating their seriousness.


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