The Categorized and Important (Advantages) Interest

 The Categorized  and Important (Advantages) Interest

Categorized of Interest / Advantages

Eidswick 2009 defines Interest is commonly categorized as situational interest, individual interest and topic interest.

1.      Situational interest is an emotional state aroused by features of environmental or textual stimuli. Characteristics that have been found to arouse situational interest include textual coherence and comprehensibility, novelty and personal relevance

2.      Individual interest is considered to be a stable and enduring inclination to engage with activities or  four-phase model of interest development wherein situational interest, when provided with social support, can develop into increasingly committed levels of individual interest.    

3.      The third category, topic interest, refers to interest prompted by a certain topic or theme. It appears to share qualities of both situational and individual interest with contributions of either depending on individuals’ knowledge, experiences and the perceived value of a topic.

The Important of Interest

Eidswick (2009:  3) Topic interest is important to teachers because it is controllable in classroom activities and it constitutes a point of confluence between the more ephemeral situational interest and the more enduring and engaged (hence more valuable to learning) individual interest.

The dynamic nature of topic interest highlights the interdependent relationship between situational and independent interest, as well as the contributions of other motivational variables (such as background knowledge, goals, self-efficacy, etc.) that individuals bring to learning situations. Ainley, et al. (2002) illustrate this relationship using student reactions to a text called “Black Holes and Quasars”. Individuals uninterested in astronomy might nonetheless find such a topic interesting because of compelling qualities (such as novelty, mystery or danger) embedded in the title. On the other hand, individuals possessing individual interest in astronomy will be interested in the text because of a formed and enduring attraction to it.


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