Types of Writing

 Types of Writing

According to Sarlin in George E Wishon and Julia M. Barks (2009:9) classify types of writing into four form. They are:

a.         Narration 

Narration is the form of writing used to relate the story of acts or event. Narration places occurrences in times and tells what happened according to natural times sequences. Types of narration include short stories, novels, and new stories, as well as a large part of our everyday social interchange in the form of letters and conversation.

b.        Description

Description reproduces the way think look, smell, taste, feel, or sound: it may also evoke moods, such as happiness, loneliness, or fear. It used to create a visual image of people, places, even of units of times – day, times of day, or reason. It may tell about their traits of character or personality.

c.         Exposition

Exposition is used in giving information, making explanations, and meanings. It includes editorial, essay, and informative instructional materials. Used in combination with descriptive, it stand alone as an essay. Used alone or with descriptive, exposition may be developed in a number ways.

d.        Argumentation

Argumentation is used in persuading and convincing. It is closely related to exposition and is often found combined with it. Argumentation is used to make a case or to prove or disprove a statement.


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