Concept of Community Interaction Activities

 Concept of Community Interaction Activities

Students have meet and studied English in the classroom; they want and need to take their skills into the community. The students form part of community and all had roles to play. Out first responsibility as community participations and member was to find out what was going on.

Bowen (1985: 95) said that “Eavesdropping is good way to inform oneself of community activities and at the same time get good experiences in speaking comprehension. It must be done discreetly and publicly, so as not to constitute an invasion of privacy. Anywhere in crowds was a good place to eavesdrop: in registration line at a school, at a counter in department store, on the bus, market, beach, in the movie, and soon. Assignment can be made by teacher, for student participations and report. Students should seek answer to such question as: description of participants, circumstances, locale, purpose of conversation, content of exchanges and any unusual features of the discourse.”

The students can report to their teacher and classmates. And they can field question from other students. The teacher can grade efforts by judging completeness, accuracy, relevance, etc.

In this community interaction activities students can make community in group to make interaction or discuss about the topic what the want to discuss. They can make interaction with other group to gathering information, beside that they can make role play.

To make clear about community interaction activities, the writer would like to give the operational definition of the topics:

1.      Community

Delobelle (2009: 2) the definition of community is group of several people who share the same interests, which is formed by four factors, namely: a). communication and the desire to share (sharing): the members help each other to another; b).mutually agreed place to meet; c).rituals and costumes: the people come regularly and periodically; d). influencer: influencer starting some thing and than members get involved.

2.      Interaction

Mr. Pamujie (2007: 1) interaction is reciprocal relations (social) action in the form of interplay between the individual and the individual, between individual and groups and between groups with the groups.

3.      Activities

Hornby (2006: 2) activities are the situations in which something is happening or a lot of things are being done.

From explain above the researcher want to use this method to teach the students in speaking class. Because I think that using community interaction activities can make students be happy and enjoy in study speaking. Beside that, using community interaction activities can improve the ability of students specially in speaking.


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