Components of Good Writing

 Components of Good Writing

Jacob in Ismayanti (2008: 22) points out five kinds of components in writing. They are organization, language use, content, vocabulary, and mechanics.

a.         Content

The content of writing should be clear for the readers so that the readers can understand the message convey and gain information from it. In order to have a good content of writing, its content should be well unified and completed. This term is usually known as unity and completeness, which become characteristic of good writing.

b.         Organization

In organization of the writing concern with the ways through writer arranges and organizes the ideas in order the message in the words. There are many ways used by the writers to organize or arrange the writing this organization is mainly recognized as order. There are two parts of organization in this case, they are as follow:

1)        Coherence

Coherence means that sticking together and in coherence essay, all the idea sticks together. A coherence paragraphs is each idea in supporting sentence related to the topic sentence or the idea. One in which the ideas are put in the right order and never confused. This makes the writers through essay to follow sentence paragraph.

2)        Spatial order

If the purpose of the paragraph is to tell them something looks most effective organization pattern is usually spatial, if the writers write a descriptive, it will tell about story which happen in the present, it can be the true story or imaginary which involve someone or some people. There is an event or more in the text. There is a problem or more as a center of the text which namely complication. Finally, there must be a solution of the problem in the end of the story which is called resolution.

c.         Language Use

Coke in Ismayanti (2002) states that language us in writing descriptive and other forms of writing involve correct usage and point of grammar. However, considering that there are many points of grammar, the writer would like to quote a little literature about verbs and the tense which is used in the text. The verbs itself may be regular or irregular verb. Then the tense here only limits to the use of present tense in the text.

d.         Vocabulary

One cannot write anything if he or she has nothing to express. He or she should express the ideas in the form of words or vocabulary. Words are the basic tool for writing. Words carry meanings; wrong words surely do not get the writers’ messages across. An English word often has more than one meaning. This implies that context plays a crucial role. In other words, the meaning of a word depends on the context.

The lack of vocabulary make someone fails to compose what they are going to say because they felt difficult to choose the appropriate vocabulary. This will help the writers to compose the writing and also make readers easy to understand.

e.         Mechanics

Mechanics of writing deals with capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. This is very important since it leads readers to understand or recognize immediately what the writer means to express definitely. The use of favorable mechanics in writing will make readers easy to group the convoying ideas or messages to the written material.


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