Process of Writing

 Process of Writing

This section includes a description of the activities leading to the writing of the previous essay. These activities include prewriting, writing and rewriting.

a. Prewriting

Graham and Perin (2007: 18) explain that pre-writing engages students in activities designed to help them generate or organize ideas for their composition. Engaging the students in such activities before they write a first draft improves their quality of their writing. Prewriting activities include gathering possible information for a paper through reading or developing a visual representation of their ideas before sitting down to write.

Alexander (1990: VI-3) in this section, the students are required to cluster or list what they know for each topic before deciding on one topic as the subject of their report of information essay. Some students list subtopics for two or three choices and then select the topic that yield the greatest number of subtopics.

Oshima (1997: 15) states that brainstorming is prewriting activity in which you come up with a list of ideas about a topic on your own in small groups with your classmates. You quickly write down a list of ideas that come to your mind as you are thinking about a general subject or specific topic. Follow these brainstorming steps:

1)      Write down your general subject or specific topic.

2)      Make a list everything that comes to your mind about it.

3)      Use words, phrase, and/or sentences. Don’t worry about the order of ideas, mechanics, grammar, or spelling.

4)      Just keep writing down whatever comes to your mind until you run out of ideas. Because you are only brainstorming, don’t be concerned if you repeat several ideas.

b. Writing

Graham and Perin (2007: 20) the process of writing approach stress activities that emphasize extended opportunities for writing. Writing for ralaudiencs, self-reflection, personalized, instruction and goals, and cycles of planning, ad reviewing.

Litell (1981:7) at this point in the process of writing, you are ready to write. Simply put your pencil to paper and write. Don’t fuss with the writing. Don’t worry about organizing ideas. Don’t fuss about spelling or punctuation. Just Write.

According to Oshima (1997: 85) there are several steps in writing process, they are:

1)      Prewritten to get previous ideas

2)      Organize the ideas

3)      Write the rough draft

4)      Editing the rough draft

5)      Write the second draft

6)      Write the final draft

c. Rewriting

At this stage of the process you will need to work more carefully. Read what you have written and repair it as you can. Finally, when you are satisfied that your writing is clear and correct, write it out its final form. Write carefully. Make your work as neat as possible.


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