Types of Reading

Types of Reading

Serge Mikhailov (2008) divides reading into five types, they are as follows:

1)      Scanning

This type of reading is done quickly to locate specific information, for example, scanning telephone books, catalogs, dictionaries, event calendars, book indexes, etc.

2)      Skimming

Skimming is kind of reading that done quickly to gain a general impression as to whether the text is of use, it is  not necessarily searching for a specific item and key words. It provides an 'overview' of the text. It is useful to look at chapter/section headings, summaries and opening paragraph.

3)      Light Reading

This type of reading is just for leisure and it does not generally require detailed concentration. Its average speed just about 100-200 words per minutes.

4)      Word by Word

This type of reading is time consuming and demands a high level of concentration. Some materials are not readily understood and so it requires a slow and careful analytical read. People use this type of reading for unfamiliar words and concepts, scientific formula. It can take up to an hour just to read a few lines of text.

5)      Reading to Study

This type of reading is aimed to understand the material in some depth. It has some steps in running this type, they are Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Review. More details about the steps as follows:

·       Survey     : Skimthrough to gain an overview and not key points.

·       Question  :Devise questions you hope the text will answer.

·       Read        : Slow and carefully.

·       Recall      : From memory, write down the main points made by the chapter.

·      Review:Revisit your questions - compare these to your recall and establish how well the text has answered them; fill in any gaps by further reading and note-taking.


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