Narrative Text dengan Soal Essay cocok untuk belajar dan lampiran skripsi

Read the following story. Then answer the questions


One day, a rat walked past a lion sleeping in deep for est. just then, lion woke up and saw the rat. He caught it with his paw.

“ What a tasty meal! ” he said.

“ Mr. Lion, King of the Forest,” cried the rat,” please have a pity on me. I’m too small to good meal for you. If you let me go, I’ll always be grateful to you. Perhaps one day I shall be able to repay you for your kindness.”

The lion laughed, “how can you ever repay me?”

But since he was not feeling very hungry, he let the rat go.

The next day, the rat heard a loud noise in the forest. He ran to see what it was. It was the lion. He had failed  into a hole in the ground and was caught in a rope net.

The lion looked up and saw the rat. “Mr. Rat,” he called out, “Mr. Rat, please jump down and help me.”

The rat jumped down into the hole and started to bite through the net. The lion was soon able to climb out of the hole.

“Mr. Lion,” said the rat, ”yesterday you were very proud. You thought I was small and helpless. Today, I was able to save your life. I hope you will never forget that, although you are big and strong, even someone as small as I can help you.”

Answer the question below!

1.      What is the main idea of the text above?

2.      What did the lion say when he caught he rat?

3.      Did the lion let the rat go because he took pity on him or simply because he wasn’t hungry?

4.       Did the rat keep his promise to the lion?

5.      What was the lion caught in?

6.      What did the lion fall into?

7.      Make the conclusion of the text base on your own words?

8.        How is your prediction outcome of the text above?


Read the following story. Then answer the questions


There was once a woman who wanted a small child but didn`t know where get one. So she went to a witch for help. “a little child?” said the witch, “ that`s easy. Here is a magic seed. Plant it in a flower pot and see what happens!”

The woman thanked to the witch, paid her with a piece of silver, and went home to plant the magic seed. As soon as it touched the soil, the seed grow into a tulip, whose flower opened with a pop. In the middle of the flower sat a tiny girl.

“Why, the pretty little thing is hardly as big as my thumb!” cried the woman. “I am going to call her Thumbelina.”

The woman made Thumbelina a bed from a walnut shell. Instead of going out, Thumbelina played on the kitchen table. Her favorite game was sailing cross a bowl of water in a boat made from a tulip leaf. As she sailed, she sang in a high, sweet voice.

One night, an old toad got in through an open window and hopped down onto the kitchen table. “Just the wife for my son!” the toad declared when it saw Thumbelina sleeping in her tiny bed. The toad picked up the walnut shell and hopped out through the window into the garden. At the bottom of the garden, there was a stream with muddy banks, and that was where the old toad lived with her son. He was even damper and uglier than his mother. When he saw the pretty little girl asleep in the walnut shell, all he could say was, “Ribbik!Ribbik!”. “Not so loud!”  whispered the old toad. “If you wake her up, she will run away. We`ll put her on a water-lily leaf in the middle of the stream so she won`t be able to escape. Then we can clear out the best room for the wedding.”

In the morning, when she woke up, Thumbelina was started to find herself on a big green leaf in the middle of a stream.

Answer the questions below based on the text above!

1.      What was the woman`s problem?

2.      How did she get a child?

3.       Describe the child that the woman got!

4.      Where did the woman keep her?

5.      Who kidnapped Thumbelina?

6.      Why did she kidnap her?

7.      In your opinion, would have Thumbelina agreed to marry the toad?

8.      In your opinion, how did she escape from the toad?

Read the following story. Then answer the questions

The Gift

Well, here is the story. Della and Jim Young are a poor newly married couple. Jim`s wage was enough to rent only a very small apartment. But there were two things of which each were extremely proud: Della had the longest and most beautiful hair in all of New York, and Jim possessed a magnificent gold pocket watch, given to him by his father.

New year`s day was drawing near, and Jim and Della began to think what present they could afford to give each other. Della always notice sadly when Jim looked at his watch. It was fixed to button-hole of his coat by a common old leather strap. He really needed a gold chain for long hair.” How nice it would if only he could buy her a jeweled hair-comb for her hair.” But a gold watch-chain and a jeweled hair-comb would have cost far more money than they could afford.

Then suddenly Della had a wonderful idea! Quickly she ran down the street to the shop with notice `hair bought.` she went in and an hour later walked out of the shop with $15 in her hand, but with short-cut hair! On the way home she stopped at a watchmakers shop and found exactly the right chain for Jim`s watch.

Returning home, Della wrapped the precious gift in a piece of colored paper, then she curled her short hair. When Jim arrived home and saw her hair, he was speechless.

“Oh, Jim, don`t look at me like that!,” said Della. “It will grow again, sure it will.” She handed a parcel to Jim. “You see, I had to sell it to get some money for your present. Happy New Year, Jim darling.”

Jim opened the parcel. He dropped into a chair and laughed until tears came out of his eyes, “I think we`d better put this present away for a while,” he said, gently at last. ”You see,” he continued, taking a small package from his pocket. “I sold my watch to buy this comb for your hair! Isn`t it funny?”.

Nodding, as the tears rose in her eyes too Della gave Jim a brave smile and said. “Our presents are the best present in the world, you know.”

Answer the questions below based on the text above!

1.      What information can you get from previous story?

2.      Why did Della cut her hair?

3.      Why did Jim Young sell his magnificent gold pocket watch?

4.      Could Della and Jim use their presents at once? Why/ why not?

5.      Why did Della think that their New Year`s presents were the best in the world?

6.       In your opinion, is it happy or sad ending story? Explain!

7.      Did you enjoy reading the story? Why/why not? 


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