The Concepts of Pyramid Table

 The Concepts of Pyramid Table

1.    The Definition of  Pyramid Table   

According to Hill. M (1997: 6) pyramid table is very effective for organizing information in a majority/minority or general-to-specific manner. A pyramid table can also be used to list details or facts leading up to a climax or culminating event. Have students start at the bottom of the pyramid if  you would like them to work from a generalization to a more specific idea.

pyramid is used for evaluating summary content (as opposed, forexample, to wording), units of comparison within a pyramid correspond to unitsof meaning. The Pyramid can be used to sort and review concepts studied and investigating alternate realizations of the same meaning

Pyramid is a triangle table that consist of wordlist from majority to minority. In addition Preszler. J (2006: 18) The pyramid helps students determine the common attributes of a list of vocabulary words so they can name the category describing the terms.

Based on the definition above the writer concluded that the pyramid in teaching vocabulary is a word list from majority word to minority word or list the word from general to spesific. It is a way to help the students diviloping their skill in vocabulary

2.      Procedure of Pyramid Table

A pyramid table is way to helps the students make a list of the vocabulary from general to spesific manner. Gail E. Joseph (2005: 2-9) defines the procedure of pyramid as follows:

a)       Intoduce the theme to the students

b)      Activate the the students prior knowledgment about the theme

c)       Ask the students to list the words that have a related to theme

 Preszler. J (2006: 18) list the procedure of pyramid as a game:

a)       Divide a triangular template into six sections. Assign points to each section.

b)      Identify pairs of students and select one student in each pair to begin as the clue giver.Explain that the clue giver is the only one able to see the pyramid template with the categories listed.

c)       Cover categories at the beginning of the game. Uncover categories, one at a time, as the are guessed.

d)      Explain that as the clue giver gives clues associated with the category listed on the pyramid, the guesser attempts to correctly identify the category. When the guesser is correct, the clue giver moves on to another section of the triangle and repeats the procedure. A time frame of 30 seconds is given to guess each category.

e)       Award the guesser the number of points labeled on each section. Award bonus points if all categories are correctly identified. Switch clue giver and guesser roles for each round played


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