Definition of Vocabulary

 Definition of Vocabulary

Several scholars have given their opinions about what vocabulary is. They are as follows:

According to Penny, Ur in Jawariah, (2005:11), vocabulary can be defined roughly as the word we teach in foreign language.  However, a new time of vocabulary may be more than a single word. Hornby in Erniwati, (2003:17) asserts that vocabularies are: 1) all the words that a person knows or uses; 2) all the words in a particularly language; 3) the words that people use when they are talking; 4) a list of words their meanings, especially in a book for learning a foreign language.

In addition Carter in Muhbubah, (2005:10) point out that vocabulary is the concept and function word of language which are so thoroughly that become a part of child’s understanding speaking, reading and writing. Vocabulary is the word having meaning when heard and  seen even though it is not proceed by individual to communicate with other sometimes all the words recognize and understood by a particular person, although not necessary used by him.

Similar to the previous definition, Webster in Basri, (2007:88) stated that  vocabulary  are: 1) a list of words and sometimes phrase, it is usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined in a dictionary, glossary, lexicon; 2) all the words of language; 3) all the words used by a particular person, class, profession etc.


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