Why Use Short Story

Why Use Short Story

Kharaghani (2013 : 867) There are many good reasons for using short stories in the classroom. Here are a few:

a)      Short  stories  are  authentic  .It  makes  students  ready  for  the  type  of  the language that students find outside the classrooms.

b)      Short  story  encourages  interaction.  Literary  texts  are  often  rich  is  multiple levels  of  meaning,  and  can  be  successfully  used  for  discussions  and communicating feelings or opinions.

c)      Short  story  and  literature  as  a  whole  expands  language  awareness.  Asking learners  to  examine  sophisticated  or  non  standard  examples  of  language (which  can  occur  in  literary  texts)  makes  them  more  aware  of  the  norms  of language use

d)     By examining values in literary texts, teachers encourage learners to develop attitudes  towards  them.  These  values  and  attitudes  relate  to  the  world outside the classroom.

e)      Literature  and  as  a  result  short  stories  are  motivating.  Literature  has  a  high position in many cultures and countries. Therefore, students can experience a  real  sense  of  accomplishment  at  understanding  a  piece  of  literature.  Also, literature is often more interesting than the texts found in course books.


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