Benefits or Disadvantages of Using Short Stories

 Benefits or Disadvantages of Using Short Stories

Various advantages have also been proposed for the use of short stories in the language classes. Short story like other literary texts can raise cultural awareness, linguistic awareness, motivation, and etc. Short stories is claimed to improve all four skills. Murdoch (2002: 9) indicates that short stories can, if selected and exploited appropriately, provide quality text content which will greatly enhance ELT courses for learners at intermediate levels of proficiency.

Lao and Krashen  (2000)  defines group  who  read  literary  texts  showed improvement in vocabulary and reading. According to Erkaya (2005) reading literary text can lead student to be critical thinker. He points out that when students read they interact with the text and interpret what they read and this analysis makes them to be more creative and critical. Young (1996: 90) discussed two advantages of using  short stories for raising critical thinking in students as the following: "because they are entertaining, students' pervasive apprehension is reduced, and they learn from the beginning that critical thinking is natural, familiar, and sometimes even fun. Second, the stories put  issues  of  critical  thinking  in  an  easily  remembered  context.

According  to  Erkaya  (2005)  short  stories motivate  students  to  continue reading  so  that they  can  solve  the  problem.  And  since  it  is  interesting  for  students  they would  not  easily  get  frustrated. 

Hismanoglu (2005)  listed  the  following  advantages  for pedagogical advantages of short stories over other literary texts:

1.      Short stories makes the students’ reading task easier because it is simple and short

2.      Give learners a better view of other people and other cultures

3.      Requires more attention and analysis

4.      offers a fictional and interesting world

5.      Helps students to be more creative and raise the critical thinking skills 

6.      Raise cultural awareness,

7.      Reduce students anxiety and helps them feel more relax

8.      Is good for multicultural contexts because of its universal language


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