Narrative Text The Story of Siti Nurbaya with 10 essay test dan key answer

 The Tragic Tale of Siti Nurbaya

          Once upon a time, in the lush landscapes of West Sumatra, lived a young and beautiful girl named Siti Nurbaya. She was known for her kindness and grace, but she was also burdened by the harsh realities of life. Siti Nurbaya's father, Datuk Meringgih, was a wealthy merchant who promised her hand in marriage to a man named Datuk Maringgih, a wealthy merchant's son, in exchange for financial stability. Despite her reluctance, Siti Nurbaya agreed to the marriage out of filial duty.

          However, her heart belonged to a humble poet named Samsul Bahri. They shared a love so pure and sincere that it transcended social boundaries. Despite knowing the consequences, they continued their forbidden romance in secret. As their love blossomed, Datuk Maringgih's jealousy grew, fueling his desire to possess Siti Nurbaya at any cost.

          Tragedy struck when Datuk Maringgih discovered Siti Nurbaya's affair with Samsul Bahri. Consumed by rage and pride, he plotted a cruel revenge. With the help of deceitful allies, he framed Samsul Bahri for theft, leading to his arrest and subsequent execution. Siti Nurbaya's world crumbled as she realized the extent of her lover's betrayal.

         Heartbroken and shattered, Siti Nurbaya found solace only in death. She took her own life, unable to bear the agony of losing her beloved Samsul Bahri. Their tragic tale serves as a reminder of the destructive power of societal expectations and the enduring strength of true love.

Essay Test Questions:

1. Describe the character of Siti Nurbaya and her role in the story.

Answer: Siti Nurbaya is depicted as a young and beautiful girl burdened by societal expectations. She embodies kindness, grace, and filial duty, but also experiences the complexities of love and betrayal.

2. How does the setting contribute to the overall atmosphere of the story?

Answer: The lush landscapes of West Sumatra provide a backdrop for the unfolding drama, highlighting the clash between tradition and personal desires. The setting enhances the emotional depth and cultural context of the narrative.

3. Discuss the themes of love, betrayal, and revenge in the story.

Answer: Love is portrayed as a powerful force that transcends social barriers, but it is also met with betrayal and vengeance. The story explores the consequences of forbidden love and the destructive nature of jealousy and revenge.

4. Analyze the character development of Datuk Maringgih throughout the story.

Answer: Datuk Maringgih evolves from a wealthy merchant's son to a manipulative and vengeful antagonist. His jealousy and pride drive him to extreme measures, ultimately leading to tragic consequences for himself and others.

5. How does the author use symbolism to convey deeper meanings in the story?

Answer: Symbolism, such as the lush landscapes of West Sumatra and the contrasting social classes of the characters, represents broader themes of tradition, societal expectations, and the human condition.

6. Explore the significance of Samsul Bahri's role as a poet in the story.

Answer: Samsul Bahri's identity as a poet symbolizes creativity, passion, and freedom of expression. His character challenges societal norms and represents the pursuit of true love and authenticity.

7. Discuss the role of familial obligations in shaping Siti Nurbaya's decisions.

Answer: Siti Nurbaya's sense of duty towards her family influences her choices, including her reluctant acceptance of an arranged marriage. However, her love for Samsul Bahri ultimately transcends familial expectations, leading to tragic consequences.

8. Analyze the cultural and historical context of the story in relation to Indonesian society.

Answer: The story reflects traditional Indonesian values, societal norms, and the challenges faced by individuals navigating love and duty within a hierarchical society.

9. Evaluate the significance of Siti Nurbaya's tragic fate in the context of the story's message.

Answer: Siti Nurbaya's tragic end underscores the devastating impact of societal constraints on personal freedom and happiness. Her sacrifice highlights the resilience of love amidst adversity.

10. Reflect on the lessons that can be learned from the story of Siti Nurbaya.

Answer: The story emphasizes the importance of pursuing authentic love and challenging societal expectations, while also cautioning against the destructive consequences of jealousy and revenge. It serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the enduring power of love.

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