Narrative Text The Story of Siti Nurbaya with 10 multiple choices test dan key answer

The Story of Siti Nurbaya

          Siti Nurbaya lived in a small village nestled in the lush green valleys of West Sumatra. She was a young and spirited girl, known for her intelligence and beauty. However, her life took a dramatic turn when her father, a poor farmer, agreed to marry her off to a wealthy merchant named Datuk Meringgih. Despite her protests, Siti Nurbaya had no choice but to obey her father's wishes.

          Upon moving into Datuk Meringgih's lavish mansion, Siti Nurbaya soon realized the harsh reality of her new life. Datuk Meringgih was a cruel and abusive man who treated her more like a possession than a wife. Determined to find a way out of her miserable existence, Siti Nurbaya sought solace in her passion for writing. She secretly penned down her thoughts and emotions, pouring her heart out onto the pages of her journal.

          One fateful day, Siti Nurbaya crossed paths with a young and handsome poet named Samsul Bahri. Their chance encounter sparked a forbidden romance that blossomed amidst the chaos of Siti Nurbaya's oppressive marriage. Together, they dreamt of a future where they could be free from the shackles of societal expectations and live their lives on their own terms.

          However, their love was put to the ultimate test when Datuk Meringgih discovered their affair. Enraged by Siti Nurbaya's betrayal, he plotted to separate the young lovers by any means necessary. Despite facing numerous obstacles and dangers, Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri remained steadfast in their love for each other, determined to defy the odds and carve out their own destiny.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where did Siti Nurbaya live?

a) East Sumatra

b) West Sumatra

c) Central Java

d) North Sulawesi

2. What was Siti Nurbaya known for?

a) Her cooking skills

b) Her intelligence and beauty

c) Her singing talent

d) Her athletic abilities

3. Who did Siti Nurbaya's father agree to marry her off to?

a) A poor farmer

b) A wealthy merchant

c) A traveling musician

d) A local politician

4. What did Siti Nurbaya secretly do to cope with her miserable marriage?

a) Cooking

b) Singing

c) Writing

d) Gardening

5. Who did Siti Nurbaya fall in love with?

a) A wealthy merchant

b) A cruel landlord

c) A young poet named Samsul Bahri

d) Her father's friend

6. How did Datuk Meringgih react when he discovered Siti Nurbaya's affair?

a) He supported their love

b) He ignored it

c) He plotted to separate them

d) He encouraged them to marry

7. What did Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri dream of?

a) Becoming wealthy

b) Traveling the world

c) Living their lives freely

d) Starting a business together

8. Despite facing obstacles, what did Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri remain in?

a) Hatred

b) Fear

c) Love

d) Doubt

9. Where did the story take place?

a) Java

b) Bali

c) Sumatra

d) Sulawesi

10. What was Siti Nurbaya passionate about?

a) Gardening

b) Cooking

c) Writing

d) Singing

Answer Key:

  1. b) West Sumatra
  2. b) Her intelligence and beauty
  3. b) A wealthy merchant
  4. c) Writing
  5. c) A young poet named Samsul Bahri
  6. c) He plotted to separate them
  7. c) Living their lives freely
  8. c) Love
  9. c) Sumatra
  10. c) Writing

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