Narrative Text The Legend of Jayabaya with 10 essay test dan key answer

The Legend of Jayabaya

          Long ago, in the ancient kingdom of Kediri, there lived a wise and just king named Jayabaya. He was known for his wisdom and foresight, which earned him the title of "The Prophetic King." Jayabaya was believed to possess the ability to see into the future and predict the destiny of his kingdom and its people.

           One day, a great calamity befell the kingdom, and Jayabaya foresaw it in his visions. He warned his people of the impending disaster and urged them to prepare for it. Despite his warnings, many refused to believe him and mocked his predictions. However, those who heeded his advice took shelter and were spared from the catastrophe that ravaged the land.

           As time passed, Jayabaya's prophecies continued to come true, further cementing his reputation as a visionary ruler. His reign was marked by prosperity and peace, as he guided his kingdom through times of turmoil with his wisdom and insight. Jayabaya's legacy lived on even after his passing, as his prophecies continued to be studied and revered by generations to come.

Essay Questions:

1. Describe the character of Jayabaya and how he was perceived by his people.

Answer: Jayabaya was portrayed as a wise and just king who possessed the ability to see into the future. His people revered him for his foresight and wisdom, earning him the title of "The Prophetic King."

2. What was the significance of Jayabaya's warnings to his people?

Answer: Jayabaya's warnings were significant because they helped his people prepare for impending disasters, ultimately saving lives and mitigating the impact of calamities on the kingdom.

3. How did Jayabaya's prophecies affect the kingdom's history?

Answer: Jayabaya's prophecies played a crucial role in shaping the kingdom's history by guiding its rulers and people through times of turmoil and uncertainty, leading to prosperity and peace.

4. Why did some people refuse to believe Jayabaya's predictions?

Answer: Some people refused to believe Jayabaya's predictions due to skepticism or disbelief in his abilities to see into the future. They may have also been reluctant to accept the possibility of impending disasters.

5. Discuss the legacy of Jayabaya and how it endured beyond his lifetime.

Answer: Jayabaya's legacy endured beyond his lifetime through his prophecies, which continued to be studied and revered by future generations for their insights and guidance.

6. How did Jayabaya use his foresight to benefit his kingdom?

Answer: Jayabaya used his foresight to benefit his kingdom by warning his people of impending disasters, enabling them to prepare and mitigate the impact of calamities on the land.

7. What qualities made Jayabaya an effective ruler?

Answer: Jayabaya's wisdom, foresight, and justness made him an effective ruler. He was able to guide his kingdom through turbulent times with his visionary leadership.

8. How did Jayabaya's reputation change over time?

Answer: Over time, Jayabaya's reputation evolved from a mere king to a legendary figure revered for his prophetic abilities and contributions to his kingdom's history.

9. What lessons can be learned from the legend of Jayabaya?

Answer: The legend of Jayabaya teaches us the importance of foresight, wisdom, and preparedness in facing challenges and disasters. It also emphasizes the significance of heeding warnings and respecting visionary leaders.

10. How does the story of Jayabaya resonate with contemporary society?

Answer: The story of Jayabaya resonates with contemporary society by highlighting the value of leadership based on foresight, wisdom, and integrity, as well as the importance of being prepared for unforeseen events and disasters.

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