Narrative Text The Legend of Jayabaya with 10 multiples choices test dan key answer

The Legend of Jayabaya

          Long ago, in the ancient kingdom of Kediri, there lived a wise and just ruler named Jayabaya. His reign was marked by prosperity and peace, earning him the admiration and respect of his subjects. However, Jayabaya was not just a ruler; he was also known for his prophetic abilities. It was said that he could foresee the future and interpret signs and omens with uncanny accuracy. People from far and wide sought his counsel, seeking guidance and wisdom.

          One day, as Jayabaya was meditating in the tranquil surroundings of his palace, he had a vision of a great catastrophe that would befall his kingdom. Disturbed by this revelation, he consulted his advisors and seers, but none could offer a satisfactory explanation. Determined to protect his people, Jayabaya embarked on a journey to seek answers. Along his journey, he encountered various challenges and obstacles, but his resolve remained unwavering.

          After months of travel, Jayabaya finally reached the sacred Mount Kelud, where he underwent a period of intense meditation and reflection. It was there that he received enlightenment and understanding of the impending disaster. Armed with this knowledge, Jayabaya returned to his kingdom and implemented measures to mitigate the catastrophe. Through his leadership and foresight, the kingdom of Kediri was spared from destruction, and Jayabaya's legend grew even greater.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where did Jayabaya live?

a) Kingdom of Kediri

b) Kingdom of Majapahit

c) Kingdom of Mataram

d) Kingdom of Srivijaya

2. What was Jayabaya known for besides ruling?

a) Warrior skills

b) Prophetic abilities

c) Trading expertise

d) Artistic talents

3. What did Jayabaya foresee in his vision?

a) A prosperous future

b) A great catastrophe

c) A new ruler

d) A bountiful harvest

4. Where did Jayabaya go to seek answers?

a) Mount Merapi

b) Mount Bromo

c) Mount Kelud

d) Mount Semeru

5. What did Jayabaya do upon reaching Mount Kelud?

a) Fought a battle

b) Built a palace

c) Meditated and reflected

d) Explored the surroundings

6. How did Jayabaya's legend grow?

a) By defeating enemies in battle

b) By accumulating wealth

c) By sparing the kingdom from destruction

d) By conquering neighboring lands

7. What did Jayabaya's vision help him to prevent?

a) A famine

b) A war

c) A catastrophe

d) A flood

8. What did Jayabaya receive after intense meditation?

a) A crown

b) A sword

c) Enlightenment and understanding

d) A magical amulet

9. What did Jayabaya do after receiving enlightenment?

a) Abandoned his kingdom

b) Started a war

c) Implemented measures to mitigate the catastrophe

d) Went into hiding

10. What was the result of Jayabaya's actions?

a) His kingdom was destroyed

b) His legend faded into obscurity

c) His kingdom was spared from destruction

d) His kingdom prospered even more

Answer Key:

  1. a) Kingdom of Kediri
  2. b) Prophetic abilities
  3. b) A great catastrophe
  4. c) Mount Kelud
  5. c) Meditated and reflected
  6. c) By sparing the kingdom from destruction
  7. c) A catastrophe
  8. c) Enlightenment and understanding
  9. c) Implemented measures to mitigate the catastrophe
  10. c) His kingdom was spared from destruction

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