Narrative Text The Legend of Gunung Bromo with 10 essay test and multiple choice test 10 also key answer

The Legend of Gunung Bromo

          Long ago, in the heart of East Java, Indonesia, there existed a kingdom ruled by a wise and just king. The kingdom prospered under his reign, and the people lived in harmony and happiness. However, peace was threatened when a fearsome giant named Tengger descended upon the land. Tengger was a powerful being who demanded sacrifices from the people of the kingdom. If his demands were not met, he would unleash his fury upon the land, causing devastation and despair.

          The king, faced with a difficult decision, sought counsel from his most trusted advisors. Together, they devised a plan to appease Tengger and protect their kingdom. They decided to sacrifice the most precious possession in the kingdom—a beautiful princess named Roro Anteng. Despite their sorrow, the king and queen agreed to the sacrifice, knowing that it was for the greater good of the kingdom.

          Roro Anteng, unaware of her fate, was taken to the foot of Mount Bromo, where Tengger resided. As she approached the volcano, she was filled with fear and uncertainty. However, her courage and selflessness shone through as she prepared to face her destiny.

          As Roro Anteng stood at the edge of the volcano, ready to be sacrificed, a brave young man named Joko Seger appeared. He had heard of the princess's plight and could not bear to see her sacrificed to the merciless giant. With determination in his heart, Joko Seger confronted Tengger, challenging him to a duel.

          Tengger, impressed by Joko Seger's bravery, agreed to the duel. The two fought fiercely, their clash echoing throughout the mountains. In the end, Joko Seger emerged victorious, defeating the giant and saving the princess.

          Grateful for his bravery, Roro Anteng and the people of the kingdom hailed Joko Seger as a hero. To honor his bravery and commemorate their victory, the kingdom was named Tengger, after the defeated giant. And to this day, the legend of Gunung Bromo, the volcano where the epic battle took place, is retold as a symbol of courage, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil.

Essay Questions:

  1. Describe the kingdom ruled by the wise king before the arrival of the giant Tengger.
  2. Explain the dilemma faced by the king and how he resolved it.
  3. Analyze the character of Roro Anteng and her role in the legend.
  4. Discuss the significance of Mount Bromo in the story and its cultural importance.
  5. Explore the theme of bravery and sacrifice as portrayed in the legend.
  6. Compare and contrast the characters of Joko Seger and Tengger.
  7. Reflect on the lessons that can be learned from the legend of Gunung Bromo.
  8. Imagine an alternate ending to the story and explain how it would impact the overall message.
  9. Discuss the cultural and historical context of the legend within Indonesian folklore.
  10. How does the legend of Gunung Bromo reflect the values and beliefs of the Javanese people?

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What was the name of the fearsome giant who threatened the kingdom?

a) Joko Seger

b) Roro Anteng

c) Tengger

d) The wise king

2. What did the giant demand as sacrifices from the kingdom?

a) Gold and jewels

b) Crops and livestock

c) A precious possession

d) Land and territory

3. Who volunteered to be sacrificed to the giant?

a) The wise king

b) Roro Anteng

c) Joko Seger

d) The queen

4. What was the name of the volcano where the epic battle took place?

a) Mount Merapi

b) Mount Semeru

c) Mount Bromo

d) Mount Rinjani

5. What did Joko Seger challenge Tengger to?

a) A race

b) A duel

c) A riddle contest

d) A cooking competition

6. Why was Joko Seger hailed as a hero?

a) He defeated Tengger and saved Roro Anteng.

b) He was the king's advisor.

c) He discovered a hidden treasure.

d) He was a skilled musician.

7. What did the kingdom rename itself after the defeat of the giant?

a) Tengger

b) Roro Anteng

c) Joko Seger

d) Mount Bromo

8. What theme does the legend primarily explore?

a) Love and betrayal

b) Bravery and sacrifice

c) Greed and ambition

d) Revenge and redemption

9. What is the cultural significance of the legend?

a) It explains the origin of the universe.

b) It celebrates the harvest festival.

c) It symbolizes the struggle for independence.

d) It reflects values and beliefs of the Javanese people.

10. What lesson can be learned from the legend of Gunung Bromo?

a) Power corrupts.

b) Bravery conquers fear.

c) Love conquers all.

d) Revenge is sweet.

Answer Key:

Essay Questions:

  1. Answers may vary but should describe a prosperous and harmonious kingdom.
  2. The king resolved the dilemma by sacrificing his daughter, Roro Anteng, to the giant.
  3. Roro Anteng is depicted as courageous and selfless, willing to sacrifice herself for the kingdom.
  4. Mount Bromo symbolizes the location where the epic battle between Joko Seger and Tengger took place and holds cultural significance in Indonesian folklore.
  5. The legend portrays themes of bravery and sacrifice in the face of adversity.
  6. Joko Seger is portrayed as brave and selfless, while Tengger represents greed and tyranny.
  7. Lessons include the importance of bravery, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil.
  8. Answers may vary but should explore the impact of the alternate ending on the story's message.
  9. The legend reflects the cultural and historical context of Indonesian folklore, particularly within Javanese culture.
  10. The legend reflects the values of courage, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil.

Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. c) Tengger
  2. c) A precious possession
  3. b) Roro Anteng
  4. c) Mount Bromo
  5. b) A duel
  6. a) He defeated Tengger and saved Roro Anteng.
  7. a) Tengger
  8. b) Bravery and sacrifice
  9. d) It reflects values and beliefs of the Javanese people.
  10. b) Bravery conquers fear.

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