Narrative Text The Adventures of Si Kabayan with 10 multiple choice test dan key answer

The Adventures of Si Kabayan

          Si Kabayan was a simple yet adventurous young man from a rural village in Indonesia. One day, he set out on a journey to seek his fortune. Along the way, he encountered a series of challenges that tested his wit and bravery. His first trial was when he stumbled upon a dense forest filled with dangerous creatures. Despite the odds, Si Kabayan cleverly outsmarted the creatures using his quick thinking and resourcefulness.

          In his next adventure, Si Kabayan came across a vast desert with scorching heat and limited water supply. Undeterred, he persevered and managed to find an oasis hidden within the dunes. There, he met a wise old sage who imparted valuable knowledge and guidance. With renewed determination, Si Kabayan continued his journey, facing each obstacle with courage and resilience.

          Eventually, Si Kabayan reached a bustling city where he encountered deceitful merchants and cunning thieves. Through a combination of street smarts and pure luck, he navigated through the treacherous alleys and emerged victorious. In the end, Si Kabayan returned to his village as a hero, having learned valuable lessons and earned the respect of his peers.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where is Si Kabayan from?

a) Malaysia

b) Indonesia

c) Thailand

d) Philippines

Answer: b) Indonesia

2. What was Si Kabayan seeking on his journey?

a) Love

b) Fortune

c) Wisdom

d) Fame

Answer: b) Fortune

3. What was the first trial Si Kabayan faced?

a) Crossing a river

b) Climbing a mountain

c) Navigating a forest

d) Surviving a desert

Answer: c) Navigating a forest

4. How did Si Kabayan outsmart the creatures in the forest?

a) By fighting them

b) By hiding from them

c) By outwitting them

d) By befriending them

Answer: c) By outwitting them

5. What did Si Kabayan find in the desert?

a) A treasure chest

b) A magical lamp

c) An oasis

d) A hidden cave

Answer: c) An oasis

6. Who did Si Kabayan meet at the oasis?

a) A genie

b) A wizard

c) A merchant

d) A sage

Answer: d) A sage

7. What did Si Kabayan learn from the sage?

a) Martial arts

b) Cooking skills

c) Valuable knowledge and guidance

d) Magic tricks

Answer: c) Valuable knowledge and guidance

8. What did Si Kabayan encounter in the bustling city?

a) Kind-hearted people

b) Deceitful merchants and cunning thieves

c) Peaceful streets

d) A royal palace

Answer: b) Deceitful merchants and cunning thieves

9. How did Si Kabayan navigate through the city?

a) By using a map

b) By asking for directions

c) By following his instincts

d) By relying on luck

Answer: c) By following his instincts

10. How did Si Kabayan return to his village?

a) By flying on a magic carpet

b) By riding a horse

c) By sailing on a ship

d) By walking

Answer: d) By walking

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